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Facts About Yamaha Lift Kits

By Dolores Harrison

Yamaha lift kits refer to the aftermarket vehicle modifications made to lift either suspensions or bodies of vehicles so they will have much higher profiles. Upon installation, they will make wheel wells ride higher, paving the way for the installation of tall tires. Some SUVs and even 4x4 trucks already have moderate kits installed in. They can be of two different types. Some are solely for bodies while others are exclusive for suspensions. Both come with disadvantages and benefits.

The common height for the body lift kits range from one to three inches. These work exclusively for lifting bodies out of frames though. They can come quite cheap and are comprised of both spacers and blocks. However, it is not recommended that they are used for increasing the ground clearance. They increase height of wheel wells, allowing for the installation of tall tires.

Some vehicle owners will choose to shell out more money to raise the bumpers, extending gearshifts through floorboards of vehicles and creating other modifications that will accommodate the body lifts. This will still depend on the vehicle models though, along with the heights of the body lifts to be utilized. Just because they cause vehicles to sit much higher does not imply that they can improve or alter suspensions or even increase travel. Generally, these will not be opted for by offroaders.

Suspension lifts are mostly used in raising suspensions of vehicles. This is done through replacing the shocks as well as leaf springs found in the rear and front parts. They do not only create increased travel but also permit significantly taller tires to be installed. A lot of vehicle owners get suspension lifts for improvement in the articulation. Nonetheless, steering geometries will often be affected and this may prompt others to prefer adding in steering stabilizers.

Suspension lifts are much more expensive as compared to body lifts. However, they produce much better results when it comes to ground clearance, handling and height. They often come in 4 or 6 inches although some come high, around 18 inches.

It is recommended that vehicle owners avoid getting the more extreme lifts though. A reason for this is these types are not safe and can even look rather odd when held in comparison to other standards. People opting for these types are usually hobbyists aiming to showcase their collections.

When you decide on getting lifts, remember that the height will be an inverse proportion to their safety or stability. Higher lifts make sharper turns, common when dodging incoming debris or avoiding accidents, quite dangerous. Although wheel jerks are not issues for 4-inch stock suspensions and lifts, they will be for those that have heights higher than six inches.

Those who wish to obtain lift kits for taller tires may want to re-gear their cars so the new circumference of tires will be accounted for. Re-gearing will be necessary in keeping the mileage close to the stocks as well. It may help to talk to professional mechanics on this to get a good idea whether re-gearing is really something necessary for the installation.

There are numerous manufacturers that cater to the production of yamaha lift kits. Prices usually vary and often depend on types and models preferred by buyers. Their installation can be done without the need for professional help although specialized skills and tools might still be necessary.

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