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What should you pack for a cruise

By George Till

Have you already decided what to pack for your next cruise? Now, that you are through with your initial cruise trips to your dream destinations in the Caribbean islands, are you ready for your next cruise travels to some of the exotic destinations you have been aching for.

Getting ready for your next cruise trips is a smart thing to do especially after you encountered a few problems during your first trip. You don't want the same thing to repeat again this time. What do you really need to bring next time you get aboard a cruise ship on your next holiday vacation? What are the essential things that you need to back for your next vacation? What to take along with you for your next trip?

Aside from the most basic items like camera, sunscreen lotion and a pair of swimsuits, there are must have items which would make your holiday vacation really unforgettable and memorable for you to cherish on long after. The amount of things that you need to pack up depends entirely on the length of your cruise vacation. If your trip is for a short time then it is always better to pack light. Conversely, pack enough clothes and other essentials to last up to the entire duration if your trip lasts for over two weeks at a time.

What to pack for your next vacation if it is only for three nights? As a rule of thumb, you should carry a small bag separately with all the necessary travel documents, medications and a few pieces of clothes. Go for a small luggage that will be spacious enough to carry two casual wears, a formal dress and shoes to go with the costumes.

When you are on board the ship, you may change attire into a more casual look. Shorts and shirts are the best for men and women can think of wearing skirts or trousers with blouses. Women can also think of wearing sundresses during the day time.

What to pack for your next cruise if your vacation lasts for two weeks? In addition to the basic items and must-have essentials, you need to pack up at least one piece or set of casual clothes for each day. At least three pieces of casual wears and three formal wears should be there with you for the vacation. Jackets are considered to be a smart casual wear for men and women can think of wearing pantsuits. Suits and ties will be ideal for sporting a formal look. A good bodysuit for women can be work with many different outfits. High waisted pants can also be used to wear along with any shirt. By picking the right pieces, you can reduce your luggage but still have plenty to wear.

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