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Top Tips for Travelling with Babies

By Steve Alexander

Having a baby can sometimes put people off travelling, but this doesn't have to be the case. Whether you've got the one baby or a few children, there are a few tips to make travelling with the kids an absolute doddle.

Just as you may find travelling on a plane uncomfortable, your baby will too. Think about layering up your baby in comfortable and loose clothing, allowing you to keep your baby at a comfortable temperature. Pack a lightweight scarf or blanket from home again, so they have a familiar smell to help them settle on the plane.

Booking your transfer before you travel is always a good idea, as hailing a local taxi or negotiating the local trains can be a hassle and time consuming, especially with a baby. Pre-booking a transfer to your hotel will make your lives much easier, and there are various different options available to you.

Once you're at your hotel in resorts like Puerto del Carmen and settled, you'll want to start enjoying your holiday. Take a few moments to get everything sorted for the baby, even if it means missing out on moments in the sun. Preparation is key! And when you do hit the beach or the pool, that mantra couldn't be truer. A parasol is an absolute must with a baby, as is a high factor SPF, lots of water, and plenty of shade.

Although you want your baby to play in their new surroundings, safety should be a priority, especially when the sun is strong. Many High Street stores sell cooling sprays to spray your baby if you need to cool them down in the sun. You'll want your baby to become acquainted with the water by teaching it how to swim, and they'll soon become a water baby as they splash around under your supervision.

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