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Effective Team Building Exercise For Everyone

By Carla Rossouw

Team building is one activity that every company has at least once a year. Many people believe that employees need to have a time to mingle and bond with each other. This will help them grow as individuals and as a team. Let's list down some of the activities being done in a team building event.

The first popular activity is named Two Truths and a Lie. This is done at the beginning of the event because it is a venue for members to know each other better. The rules of the game are simple. Every member has to lay out two truths and a lie about themselves. After sharing the three statements, the other members must vote and pick the statement that represents a lie. If you want the game to be more thrilling, you can give points and awards. However, the game is fun as it is and it will help the members open up and communicate more with each other.

Life Highlights Game-In this activity, the members should share the best moments of their lives. They are given some time to look back in the past, reflect and pick their life's greatest highlight so far. One advantage of this game is that the participants will have the chance to look back into their past and reflect about the things they've done and how those things affected their lives. Another advantage is that it will help bring up a positive atmosphere. Sharing best moments will allow the members to inspire each other aside from helping them get to know every member better. It is a fun and definitely an inspiring activity that everyone will get to enjoy with others and remember.

Picture Pieces Game -The rules of this game are simple. The members will be divided into teams. Each of them will get a puzzle pieces whose number is equal to the number of their members. Every member should choose a puzzle piece and recreate it five times its size. The large puzzle pieces will later on be pieced together to create the big picture. The catch is that the team members do not know what the picture is. While recreating the puzzle pieces, they will have to think about their team members and how their tasks will affect everyone. This will teach them how to think about the others.

The fourth popular activity is The Great Egg Drop. This activity will push the members to their limits when it comes to creativity and design. They need to create a package which will hold the egg and keep it whole even after being dropped from a height of eight feet. This is quite messy but that is where all the fun comes from. Before each team drops their packed eggs, they will have to create a short presentation about their package first. They need to convince the audience why it is the most effective one - stating the highlights and the strong points of their product.

Team development becomes fun due to the various activities being carried out. Every activity must have an objective to ensure that the participants to savor and learn simultaneously.

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