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Corporate Travel Management As A Business

By Ping Carr

According to history, Cox & Kings, a British company founded in 1758 is the oldest business trip company in the world and first catered to rich clients. In the UK, travel companies are grouped into three: the multiples, the miniples and the independent companies. The multiples are those covering nationwide chains and are owned by global corporations. The miniples, on the other hand, are companies located in particular regions or places. Whilst independent travel corporations cater to a particular market, meaning they reach out to the needs of the residents to promote their place.

Most of the time, a travel management company can be a private company or a public facility that offers public services in going to places of interest. The personnel who runs this type of company often act as a mediator in between producers and customers, where the suppliers are basically the airline companies, hotels, and package tour suppliers while the clients are those who purchase these services.

Travel companies often secure a sole unit to deal with business trip arrangements. This is where the corporate travel company comes in which essentially has offices in other countries other than its main head office. This department can actually deal with corporate travellers or corporate travellers only.

Basically, people in this department often manage strategic approaches when it comes to travel negotiations. They tend to maintain normal communication with the producers and customers to create travel program on everyday basis and to seal safety and security of travellers. They of course take care of travel and bills and credit card management.

It isn't wise to compare a travel company to a corporate travel company because both have its own distinctive qualities. The former is all about travel management while the latter is a division of the travel company that is more hands-on to corporate trips. What is common between the two is that both enjoy the perks of getting commissions for every reservation of flights booked. Nevertheless, did you know that a certain Internet period threatened the business of travel management company as travellers established making travel negotiations on their own. But then again this field responded by creating online sites and now they are back in the market competitive as ever.

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