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A Good Private Aircraft Charter Can Make Your Honeymoon More Special

By Myrtle Cash

Wedding planning is not for the faint hearted and one has to work hard to get everything perfectly arranged, including a private aircraft charter for after the event. There are so many things that you have to do, like scrutinize the guest list so that the guests are all content. Coordinating the page boys and the flower girls does take some patience and training them takes time.

In addition to getting the wedding perfectly planned, one has had to put together a surprise honeymoon for your new wife. Because you do not want the lady to know where you are taking her, no one can help you with the arrangements so this is to be done all by yourself. This honeymoon has to be simply perfect.

When as a couple, there is no one who could love wild life more. Both of you are simply crazy about it and you have taken this opportunity to visit a reserve where you will be spending a restful week away from the hustle and the bustle of the planner. One you have left the reception on the night of the wedding, you are to be left alone until you get back from honeymoon.

You have planned for the stretch limo to collect you and your new wife outside the hotel where you are hosting the reception that night. From here, you will be whisked to private airport, where there will be a chartered jet waiting to take the two of you to the reserve. You will be given all the luxuries imaginable while there.

Acquiring this jet took some doing though, as one had to do a thorough check on the professional staff that would be on the plane as well as the pilot. In order to get the perfect captain, one has to check through flight plans to see if he is capable of flying the jet to its location. One has to get staff for the plane that you can trust.

Now that all the work is done and the day has finally arrived, everything is working out to plan. The music in the plane is not the raging noise that your friends had the DJ playing at the wedding reception, rather a serene melody that causes a special ambiance. The mood is romantic, yet exciting as she still has no clue where you are going. Little does she know you are going to your favorite holiday destination, such as a romantic reserve.

After the luxurious hours in the jet, the pilot finally lands the plane on a private landing strip at the lodge. You are driven by vehicle to the lodge, where you will be spending the next week game spotting and bird watching, until your hearts are content. After the hustle and the bustle of the wedding, this is just what one needs.

After your week at the lodge, you will be returned to the awaiting jet that will fly you back to your original destination. The private aircraft charter will whisk you back to the reality of life as you know it, and into a new style of married life. If everything has worked out perfectly and the two of you could not be happier.

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