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The Reason ATV Lift Kits Are So Popular

By Lana Bray

Many ATV riders decide to install ATV lift kits on their vehicles to enable them to also install much larger tires without creating any problems. A kit will increase ground clearance of an ATV by a significant amount. When this lift is coupled with a larger set of tires, riders are able to tread through deeper puddles of water and other tricky terrain without encountering problems. These new abilities open up several new opportunities for riding with nothing more than a simple upgrade to achieve them.

There are still many owners who install life kits for reasons other than being able to replace the tires with a bigger set. Some people just really enjoy how the new look appears. These owners are not seeking a higher ground clearance or an ability to increase tire size, they are seeking better visual appeal. These are the types of owners that usually never replace the tires with larger varieties.

Using these types of kits for aesthetic reasons only is just as popular as using them for their added utility. Each rider has their own preference as to why they use them, even though they are all using the same type of product. Some prefer better riding abilities while others prefer a better overall appearance of their vehicle instead.

For owners opting for the ability to use bigger tires, a lift of about five inches is more than suitable. An additional five inches will increase riding capabilities significantly. Problems getting stuck in certain settings are greatly reduced with a lift this size. This means certain terrains that were off limits before are now easy to navigate with the upgrade.

A 5 inch increase is more than enough increased ground clearance to navigate through deep water and mud. It is also suitable for climbing over rocks or riding in a dessert style setting with ease. While the initial size of the increase may not seem like much, it really does make a huge difference in capabilities .

There are numerous different kits to choose from. Which one the rider choose depends mostly on their riding preferences. There is one style that uses springs in a shock system and another that using mounting points for the lift. A kit with a shock system provides increased suspension and works well if a rider will be driving through rocky terrain. It is best to consider what types of areas you would be riding in before deciding which option to go with.

Stage 1 style kits are much lower in price than other types. They are simple to install with no prior installation experience required. This is a very basic style kit that uses an extended mounting point system to increase height. That means there ire no shocks in this type of kit, but they still work well in many different riding situations.

All ATV lift kits come with detailed directions for installation. Those directions will guide you through every step involved for installation and should be followed exactly as written. If you follow those instructions and don't skip steps, a safe and quick installation can be achieved, even if it is the first kit you have ever installed.

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