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A Guide To Making A Stuffed Dinosaur

By Odessa Edwards

People who are into making things out of fabric and clothing will find it extremely fun to make a stuffed dinosaur for his own collection. Now although the steps to making this kind of cute toy are very easy, it will take quite a bit of effort to make and not to mention a lot of time. However, after he makes it, it will really give him a good feeling of accomplishment.

Of course the first step to creating anything from scratch would be to find a reference point so that one has something he can base his creation on. So the best thing to do here would be to search for a template or pattern on how to make dinosaurs. With the technology these days, it is so easy to find templates all over the internet.

The second step in this entire process would be for the creator to now hunt for some beautiful pieces of fabric in the clothing store. In here, he will have so many choices of fabric type and colors which he can use while he is making his toy dinosaur. Probably the only thing that he must take note of would be to choose the fabric that is the most sturdy because there are pieces of fabric that tear easily when pulled.

With all of the materials at hand, one may now concentrate on figuring out how to sew the fabric together in order to make the stuffed toy. At this point, it will be his choice on what method he would want to use whether he would like to do it the old fashioned way by using a needle and thread or if he would just like to use a sewing machine. If he uses a sewing machine, he will be faster but he might miss out on some details. If he does it manually, he will take longer but he will have the chance to be more meticulous.

Now when one is making the toy, he should always leave a small hole somewhere. The purpose of this small hole is so that one has a place to put the stuffing. When one is starting, he should then always follow the pattern diligently.

Once the whole thing is sewn up, take the stuffing and put it inside the hole. The whole toy should be filled with the stuffing so that it is nice to hug. When that is done, cover up the small hole quickly so that the stuffing does not fall out.

The last step would be to sew up any other holes that are there. One must avoid letting the stuffing fall out because the toy will then become deflated. Also, if there are any threads that are sticking out, one should just cut them off.

So if one is interested in making a stuffed dinosaur, here are the steps to follow. Take note that one must be very meticulous when working with fabric. If he is not, things will not turn out the way he wants.

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