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Picking The Best Summer Camp

By Brittany Flokstra

Who knew when my son turned 10 I would enter the world of Summer Camps in WI,. I knew it was going to be more than a summer of trips to the zoo, baseball and television but I had no idea how wonderful Summer Camp was going to be for my son.

My son, currently 15, has attended Swift Nature Camp for four years and we are going to send him back for as long as we can. He loves it. He has ADHD and is very smart, but has trouble at school with attention-seeking ploys.

The counselors and directors at SNC have a great, hands-on approach to leadership, social skills development and confidence-building.

Lonnie and the enthusiastic counselors, provide a loving atmosphere that supports positive growth and development. For my son he developed greater peer understanding and empathy. Greater self-confidence and trust and better leadership skills. His understanding of group dynamics and many other valuable lifelong skills grew at camp.

I felt nervous, but it was really worth it! As I talked to Lonnie over the phone and I realized that the Discovery Camp a program designed for the First Time Camper was best for me and my son.

Lonnie was so willing to chat about any and all question I had. Thus calming, my fears then making the decision easy. So off my son went taking the bus to camp, Yet, I picked him up when camp was over so I could see first-hand all what Swift Nature Camp was all about.

His excitement for Swift was limitless. I'm not sure if he took a breath between stories on the whole ride home!

The SNC website tells you everything you need to know and I love how the camp is set up. The fairly modern cabins the same age and gender kids. As a group they and do activities together, including laundry.

Campers daily have the opportunity to pick from a variety of typical camp activities (arts ... crafts, archery, swimming, etc.). My son especially loved looking for frogs.

As an Nature and Animal Camp, Swift Nature Camp is dedicated to awareness and nature preservation. The nature center has microscopes and a zoo. Campers can even bring their own pets from home. All nature programs are hands on and fun.

Like most camps there is plenty of laughter, games, campfires, food, sports, fun, drama, singing, etc. This is what makes this sleepaway camp an experience every camper remembers for their entire life.

This camp is a general camp and not for jocks or brain-e-aks. At Swift Kids get to be kids and experience all sorts of different activities with a diverse set of campers and counselors. I was also happy to learn that SNC was a Coed Summer Camp, I think this more like the real world. So much more is learned than at a specialized camp.

My boy learns each summer. We have noticed wonderful improvement in his attitude along with manners and abilities. He is more mature, pleasant and competent. You can not put a price on his experiences and the social education he has gained from Swift Nature Camp.

We used to joke that you can find math, reading, or science tutors but no tutors in social skills. Well we were wrong! This is exactly what my son needed at exactly the right time in his life.

If you are thinking about away-camp for your child, please consider SNC. Primarily I think of it as a non-competitive, confidence-building camp where kids get to be kids. I know it is the best thing we ever did for our son.

I am so thankful to Lonnie and their dedication to children, the fabulous counselors, cooks, nurses, etc. A new goal of his these days is to stay at camp till he can be a counselor. That says a lot about a summer camp!

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