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Wisconsin Bike Rides Provide Great Exercise

By Freida McCall

People of any age will enjoy Wisconsin bike rides. They are ideal for improving your fitness and are also better for the environment than driving. There are many professional riders but most people like touring the country to see the beautiful scenery. Wisconsin has some of the best scenery to be found.

Bicycles were first made in the 19th Century but have expanded widely since then. Today nearly a billion people ride bicycles around the world. In fact, this is the primary mode of transportation in many countries. Society benefits as well, since it reduces fossil fuel consumption and traffic congestion.

There also are many benefits for the rider; including the well known health advantages associated with regular exercise. Also, parking is easier, it is easier to maneuver through traffic, and access to roads is much easier. There are also reduced financial costs, especially as the cost of gasoline continues to rise.

Some professional bicycle riders make a living by entering races. These include both high performance racers and mountain biker racers who compete for large prizes. In fact, this has become so lucrative that biking organizations have restrictions placed on riders as well as on the cycles. In some countries bicycles are reinforced to be used as utility bikes and to carry heavy loads.

The scenery and geography in Wisconsin is diverse. It includes highlands as well as low. In fact, 46 percent of the state includes forests. It is quite hot and very humid in the summer but usually stays under 85 degrees F. In the winters it can be extremely cold and typically has around 40 inches of snow every year.

Great River Road Bikeway provides a great experience for riders in the state. The trail stretches along 250 miles and some riders ride the entire thing. Others choose a certain segment that they feel matches their experience level. Parts of the trail are located in the Great River State Trail. However, other parts of the trail are next both lightly and heavily trafficked roads. Along the trail you will find many small towns on the route and riders can stop for food, water, or sleep.

Of course, bicycle riding has its own risks. Many riders travel alongside vehicles whose drivers do not pay attention. Even though some areas have bike lanes, others are very rural and you will be riding on the road itself. There are health risks as well; these come from riding on a seat that is not fitted properly or by overextending yourself in the beginning. This can result in knee injuries or even nerve damage. Also, the right equipment is important. You should always wear a helmet, good shoes, and you should make sure your cycle is equipped with adequate lighting.

Wisconsin bike rides are available all over the state. The Department of Tourism supports this and, in fact, they issue a biking guide. It includes a list of trails, mountain bike systems, and road routes. If you do decide to go cycling you should make sure you have the correct equipment and you should also evaluate your experience and fitness level to ensure you have chosen a safe trail.

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