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Protecting Football Players Using The Right Quarterback Shoulder Pads

By Teri Farley

The famous sport of football is loved by many people around the world, however, no one likes it when a player is injured. This is why the football team members all have specific garments for their protection that must be worn at all times. Football is known to be a tough game, where players need to 'fight' for the ball. During the fight someone without protective gear could easily succumb to injury. Quarterbacks need the same sort of protection as the players in other positions, but should be wearing the correct quarterback shoulder pads. This equipment is especially made to facilitate their part in the game.

Someone playing in this position needs to move quickly about the playing field, and therefore should not be restricted in any way from protective gear. Heavier garments are not recommended, as these will only slow down the player's performance. His shoulder pads must therefore be lighter than those of other players. In fact, they are more than forty percent lighter.

The position of running back requires the same sort of protection and flexibility as quarterbacks. They are both positions that need a great amount of speed and agility, and the players cannot wear heavy gear. Both positions could wear the same protective gear, however, quarterbacks could have more trouble with throwing when they have running back padding.

Another position within football that needs a speedy player is the defensive back. It has much the same requirements of quarterbacks, and their padding is similar as well; very comfortable and without unnecessary weight. This type of protective garment could work well for quarterbacks, as they are also provide resilience to the 'crushing' nature of the game.

Football players may require additional equipment as well, for further protection against the battering of others in the game. Various garments are made specifically to shield the rib cage area of the body. This type of padding is extremely beneficial in protecting its wearer against scrapes and bruises, as well as broken ribs, which could be quite detrimental to the well-being of the player. The garment should fit nicely, without being too constrictive.

Players of a more tender age are likely to need the protection more than others, as their bones are not as strong yet. Persons who have not been in the game for long could need it more as well. For maximum safety against knocks, all gear should be of the correct size. Too small will be uncomfortable, and too big could come off.

The gear in question is designed with the safety of the players in mind. Only professionally made items should be purchased, not a homemade variety. Each member of the team is of equal importance, and their safety should come first.

The superbly challenging and exciting sport of football attracts thousands and thousands of spectators per year. It is rough, it is fun and it is invigorating. Even though it is such an amazing sport, the safety of the players have to be remembered. For this reason, the best quarterback shoulder pads and other protective equipment are available for purchase. Manufacturers continually improve their quality as well.

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