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Choosing The Best Haida Gwaii Lodge Is Essential For A Successful Vacation

By Linda Maynard

Haida Gwaii, which is also still referred to as Queen Charlotte Islands by some individuals, is a very remote island string off the coast of Canada. This part of the world is perfect for vacationers who are not looking for a boisterous nightlife or similar atmosphere, but rather rest and relaxation. The region has unique characteristics that outdoor enthusiasts and hiking fans find appealing, and many people enjoy exploring its unspoiled, interesting landscape. One can travel to the area during any season, but it is essential to locate the most suitable Haida Gwaii lodge before one's arrival, as a successful trip depends on appropriate accommodations.

The type of lodge one selects is largely a matter of personal preference and budget. For example, if a person plans to participate in a solitary vacation, he or she may not need expansive accommodations. However, large families or those who will be bringing children with them will need to consider a lodge that has amenities and generous sized units.

When one is choosing accommodations, the activities he or she prefers also play a vital role in the selection process. For instance, hiking is a highly popular activity in this region, and those who plan to indulge in this sport will naturally desire accommodations that are located near the hike's starting point. Those who will be participating in such an excursion with a large group may wish to book accommodations in close proximity to the other members.

Individuals who prefer to simply visit the beach or look for interesting photo opportunities may find that any area of Haida Gwaii is appropriate for their vacation. However, amenities at the lodge they select may be more important to them than to the aforementioned hikers, as those who will be spending a lot of their time close to their accommodations will naturally want on-site activities. This is particularly true for those traveling with children.

Guided tours of the area are also very popular, and can usually be arranged as a component of one's travel package. Those participating in tours of this type usually stay at the same lodge with other members in the group so that a specific itinerary can be followed. This will ensure that they get to experience everything the region offers under the supervision of a guide. Haida Gwaii vacationers often choose this option.

Similar to many other vacation spots, harsh winters can be experienced in Haida Gwaii. For this reason, those traveling during winter should choose a lodge where on-site activities are available indoors. Individuals planning to hike during cold seasons must be sure to bring the proper gear.

To reach the islands from Canada's mainland by plane, one should anticipate approximately a two hour trip. Therefore, some travelers book accommodations near the airport the night before their flight. This can make the commute stress free, especially if an early-morning flight has been booked.

Reservations at a Haida Gwaii lodge can be booked online or through a local travel agent. However, prior to making a final choice concerning the specific package, it is always wise for consumers to comparison shop. No matter what a person's vacation objectives are, a visit to this beautiful and interesting area of the world will likely never be forgotten.

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