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Queens Charlotte Islands Accommodations Will Suit Every Need And Budget

By Linda Maynard

For many visitors to the popular and beautiful Queens Charlotte Islands accommodations will be surprising in the sense of both price and spaciousness. It is also known as Haida Gwaii, although few people use this ancient name today. The island is roughly triangular, a hundred kilometers wide and three hundred kilometers long. It is only seventy five kilometers from the United States border and just more than seven hundred and fifty km by air from British Columbia, Vancouver.

Haida Gwaii actually consists of a collection of approximately a hundred and fifty different isles. There are two main isles, namely Graham Island in the north and Moresby Island in the south. The combined population is about fifty thousand souls. The two isles are connected with a hundred and fifty kilometers of paving and there is a regular twenty minute ferry service between the two main centers.

A visit to the Haida Gwaii National Park on the Moresby isle is strongly recommended. This magnificent park offer breathtaking scenery but it is also rich in cultural sites. There are numerous historical and archeological sites that are preserved to honor the heritage of the Haida people that have been living on the isles for thousands of years. The entire area has been declared a World Heritage Site in 1981.

The isles offer visitors a wide variety of adventures and activities. There are some truly superb golf courses and other sporting facilities. The area is famous for its excellent deep sea fishing opportunities and there are reasonable charters available. Many visitors simply enjoy exploring the isles by means of boating tours. It is even possible to charter floating planes and sailing vessels.

The Haida Gwaii is home to a thriving artist population. Haida art has a long history and there are many galleries and museums that display remarkably well preserved art that is in some cases thousands of years old. Tourists are also able to buy indigenous art at truly reasonable prices. Most galleries are able to ship purchases to any part of the world.

Tourists are truly spoilt with choice with many excellent restaurants that cater for every need and pocket. There are several good hotels and motels and a large number of cozy bed and breakfast facilities. Many isles boast magnificent camping sites at really low rates. It is certainly possible to opt for out of the way cabins that allow visitors privacy and amazing scenery.

When planning a trip to the Haida Gwaii getting there is easy. There are several airlines that operate flights from British Columbia but it is also possible to go by ferry. A lot of visitors to the isles go there with their own boats. There are several safe mooring facilities for private yachts. The isles boast a robust tourism information center and booking can easily be done online.

Queens Charlotte Islands accommodations will delight and surprise visitors. There are facilities catering for just about every possible need and budget. Tourists are offered a wide diversity of activities and the natural scenery is spectacular. The isles are easily accessible and they offer truly affordable holidays.

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