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An Overview Of The Best Obstacle Course Races

By Lana Bray

Just like humans, obstacle races have unique personalities and quirks people can love or hate. It would therefore make sense to anyone who wants to participate in such races to choose one fitting their temperament and fitness goals. This is because on gets from the race exactly what they put into it. Whether the participants wants to race just to enjoy themselves or to test what they are made of, all they have to do is look for the best obstacle course races and choose one.

One of the best races is the Civilian Military Combine, whereby a military heritage is incorporated. Those who participate can be civilians or armed forces personnel. Prior to beginning the course involving obstacles, racers must take themselves through the Pit. This is a challenge that requires them to perform several timed lifting events, while being judged according to the number of reps they do.

Another race is one that requires the participants to race as couples, known as the Columbia muddy ride series. The contestants take turns to run on a course involving obstacles for 5 kilometers and riding on a mountain bike. The rules states that partners are to finish together at the finish line, but they must first go through a mud pit that is 50 foot long.

The obstacles are placed to enhance fun in the race, not to intimidate the contestants. However, should a participant be unable to negotiate a certain barrier, they can go around it without any penalties. The event if family-oriented meaning the racers are much better wearing costumes.

Goruck is not much of a race but a challenge, as the organizers carefully stress. Groups of up to 30 participants each are made to run in various cities across the country. All must wear weighted rucksacks and are guided by a drill sergeant who tells them what to do to complete mental and physical feats. Often, some feats require individuals to set aside their egos for the teams sake. Despite physical stamina being definitely required, maybe the main aim of this event is to teach the participants how to work together so as to accomplish their goals.

A race that is somewhat a combination of fun and some stiff competition is the Rugged Maniac. A number of well constructed obstacles together with a varied terrain contribute to the overall race quality. Contestants can expect to compete with people who are serious about tackling the course and those who just want to have fun. The race is quite gender balanced since roughly half of the participants are female.

Run 4 Your Lives is an exceptional five kilometer race in which contestants should escape zombies prowling near each barrier attempting to steal their three flags. The contestant has to cross the finish line with at least one flag in order to be considered a non zombie and qualify to get a medal. The barriers and courses in each race location are closely guarded by organizers of the event. When a contestant skips an obstacle, they will not get a prize since they will be considered a zombie.

One of the toughest but still among the best obstacle course races is the Spartan Beast. It is definitely for serious participants since is involves a grueling race of more than 10 miles. Of all the starters, only about 60% eventually finish.

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