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Good Suggestions For Things To Do While On Holiday In South Africa

By Jonathan Bullard

South Africa is a friendly and wonderfully warm country with so much history and culture that it is impossible to everything in one, single vacation trip. Read on if you are interested in discovering exactly what this country has to offer.

There is so much to see in this remarkable country, like the majestic mountains and the crystal blue seas at their feet, with their pristine, white beaches along the shore. The West Coast is stunning in its simple beauty with seaside villages and some of the finest fish and shellfish you will ever have the pleasure of sampling. You can also take pleasure in spectacular nature scenes when the wild flowers burst into bloom in the spring, which calls forth all the gorgeous birds, for those who enjoy bird watching. For those who wish to see something a little larger, there is also whale watching. Awe inspiring!

This stunning, yet peaceful village is bordered by lush fynbos and rugged beaches. It is likewise a popular spot to see the Jackass Penguin colony playing on the beaches and rocks. It truly is one of the Western Cape's hidden little gems where you can lease a cabin or beach house for a family vacation or a private couples retreat.

South African holidays are not complete without a trip up along the Garden Route. Here you will see quite a lot of the most sensational landscapes. Along the Garden Route you will discover tiny little areas entirely surrounded by the stark beauty of Africa. There are 100's of little guest houses and camp sites to stop over at and experience South African hospitality at its finest. Stop in, and let the village friendliness welcome you.

Further up you will discover the Map of Africa, so called because when you stand at the precipice looking out over the void; it looks almost precisely like the map of Africa! Here you will experience the raw magnificence of our land. The view goes on for miles and the air is clear and crisp. And just a little way from the Map, is where the daredevil in you can experience the most exhilarating sport around; paragliding! The best thing is you don't require any experience and will have the incredible scenic view to take the most sensational pictures of your holiday. And if you prefer not to fly, then you can take pleasure in a few of the most gorgeous beaches in SA and develop a wicked tan.

All in all, a holiday to South Africa is a top 5 holiday must for everybody searching for variety and a lot of fun.

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