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Foam Pool Floats As Aids

By Amanda Baird

The children have finished school for the summer break, the days are long and full of sunshine and people are wondering how to best fill their days. It seems to be compulsory that swimming trips or days out at an aqua park should feature. Yet the latter option might not be viable if you have a child who is unable to swim. Don't despair as this can be overcome with the assistance of foam pool floats.

The biggest part of learning to swim is gaining confidence in water, and this is where these items come in useful. As they're available in a wide range of bright colours, whenever used the child immediately associates them with fun. They appear non threatening and so the child feels totally relaxed around them.

Everything becomes a game, and so water becomes linked with fun and games. Unlike their blow-up counterparts these units cannot be punctured and start to deflate at the most inconvenient of times. Due to the material that they are made from they are naturally buoyant, and so make a wonderful buoyancy aid for those who are less that confident in water.

Cool water does look very appealing on a hot day. People are jumping in and out of the water and really enjoying themselves. Unfortunately there will be those on the edge who are only confident enough to get their feet wet. Sometimes the thought of the traditional swim aids is slightly off putting, but help is at hand.

For the smaller children there are the buoyancy jackets. These jackets are lightweight and have different chambers into which buoyancy aids can be inserted. Gradually these can be removed so that the jacket is providing less of the buoyancy as the child grows more water confident. Eventually the jacket is empty but the child is happily unaware that they are floating on their own.

An older child, or even an adult, might prefer to utilise something called a noodle. These are long thin floatation aids. They can be used by laying them across the chest and under the armpits in a 'U' shape. Dependent upon how much buoyancy is needed the number of noodles can vary. As the person is now supported they can now enjoy getting totally wet.

A swimming trip can often involve more than just swimming, there is also the all important relaxation. The old inflatable air mattress has now been superseded. You will now see vinyl coated rafts of all different sizes being used, some also have a headrest area incorporated. They can be made use of on the land as well as on the water.

For those really lazy days there are also floating trays. These are made from exactly the same material as the rafts. They are big enough to be stable and have a useful surface area, but not so big that they become a nuisance.

As you will agree these foam pool floats may be used in many different ways. With their bright cheerful colours any trip involving swimming will now have a fun filled party atmosphere. Due to their construction they are very hard wearing, and you will gain years of use from each piece. They can help people become swimmers which in turn might even save a life.

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