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Proper Care And Use Of Extension Ladders

By Dale Peck

One of the many useful tools construction workers and home owners like using are extension ladders. It is astonishing that for as many different people which use ladders, how often they misuse them. This is often bad for the people that use them as falls even from small heights from improperly used or cared for ladders generally cause more accidents around homes and job sites and are also one of the largest factors for people getting hurt. Most of these are avoidable by following some basic rules.

Whey you take your ladder outside to use it, look over it for any broken and missing parts. If you see any bent or broke side rails or other types structural damage, it needs to be destroyed so nobody can ever use it. The best method is cutting it up into small parts rendering it useless.

It must also be looked at for dirt, grime, grease and other forms of debris. If you find these it needs to be cleaned so does not become a safety hazard to use. This must be done every time someone uses it.

Using one is generally very simple and requires only a few steps. Make sure the ladder is completely closed before picking it up and moving it to where you plan to use it. Pick a spot to set it up that is level and compacted enough that the feet will not kick out from under it.

Put the feet of the ladder against the base of the structure it will be resting on. Go to the front of the ladder and moving one rung at a time hand over hand, carefully walk the ladder up into a vertical position. Keeping it braced against the structure will help you maintain the leverage to keep raising it past the mid point. It is generally best to keep it at least 1/4 the height of the ladder away from the structure.

Once it is in the vertical position, carefully walk it side by side to the area away from the wall you planned to place it. Let the top gently fall against the wall. It is sometimes easier to do this if you are on the opposite side of it with you back against the wall while letting it fall down. If it needs to be raised carefully pull rope until the fly section is raised to the proper height.

While lifting it, always have a foot on its bottom rung to help prevent it from moving away from your wall. Try to keep the top at least three feet above the working height you plan to use it at. Check the rung locks so they are correctly engaged and it is steady before you start climbing on it.

Good extension ladders are great for getting at many hard to reach areas around the home or while at work. If not used right or maintained correctly they can be very dangerous for anyone using them. Use caution and always follow your instincts, so the only thing which gets done will be the task you are finishing.

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