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Guide On The History Of Professional Wrestling

By Amanda Baird

It is a common sight these days to see a television set on every household and form of entertainment they offer through the years have greatly evolved. It is no longer limited to sitcoms and soap operas but some new of forms of entertainment has invaded our TV set. The history of professional wrestling has been part of this new form of entertainment.

Professional wrestling used to be considered a legitimate sport in 1920 but has navigated away from actual fights and now evolved as purely for entertainment purposes. It employed modern theatrics not to compete with the fighters but for the enjoyment of the audience. Let us go back to the roots of how this entertainment came to be.

When show runners on a traveling circus showed some wrestlers to the crowd. They impose challenge to the people whoever knocks one of them down will be rewarded 500 francs. These wrestlers used fake names along with their weird titles to play up the animosity of the crowd and encourage betting.

A French showman appeared in 1848 named Jean Exbroyat, he established the first company of wrestlers that were later named circus troupe. He also created the first rule of wrestling not to carry out any grasp that is under the waist, which he named the style flat hand wrestling. This style gets popularity to the rest of the European countries which they named the Greco Roman.

Furthermore, it has became the most in fashionable sport in Europe because of the flashy costumes that the wrestlers wore during match to provide amusement. In 1898, Paul Pons became the first ever Professional World Champion. He is renowned for his title as the Colossus.

Furthermore, it was in the late 19th century that it reached the shore of United States and United Kingdom wherein it evolved once again to be called catch as catch can style. This new type differs with the Greco Roman in a way that it allows to hold above or below the waist and it even allow leg grips, and this eventually give birth to the modern of type of theatrics.

This was then divided to regional leagues later in the second world war. They have a covenant never to steal the talents from another league or broaden their shows to another region. However, the federation in the Northeast is eager to end the pact by sponsoring competition with the other regional leagues, also stealing different talents along the way. They are popularly recognized as World Wrestling Federation.

That is when the modern type of prowrestling has been born where it became widely popular in the television scene. It became an international phenomenon in 1980s and has evolved different ways to entertain the people with famous wrestlers breaking into Hollywood. Some argues that the Mixed Martial Art is the new cycle of its evolution.

The history of professional wrestling is full of intrigues and interesting twists that are fitting for the industry they are in. Centuries has passed, still their appeal has not left us. Looks like they will be staying a little while longer.

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