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The Reason Why World Travelers Prefer Backpacks When Compared To Suitcases

By George Dodson

If you have to travel a lot, you know you need to take things with you The standard way to do that is with a suitcase. Suitcases are available in a number of models. Some are available with soft materials and some others with hard tops, which can be more durable. There are other options for carrying what you need. Using a backpack is one such option. Many world travelers prefer a backpack over a suit case. Now days, these bags are very well designed. Some of them even have waterproof compartments for carrying soiled cloths.

They have advanced carry ing systems to make it easy to carry large loads for some distances. What are some of the reasons why a backpack is better than a suitcase for world travelers?

Backpacks mostly come with straps which would help you to carry them over your shoulders thus freeing your hands. You need to invariably use one or two hands to carry a suitcase. Your hands cannot be free when have a suitcase.

Some backpacks can carry a heavy load. You can get the kind that has cushions for your back. The backpack straps usually are very strong. That is very hard to do when you have a suitcase. You need to carry it with your hands or pull it using its wheels.

When you travel around the world you may have to carry luggage to places where there is no transportation. There are better options than lugging a suitcase. You would not be able to pull the suitcases using their rollers over pebbles and stones. With a backpack, you can carry all you need on your back and you can walk for some distance without much problem. This is especially true if you are not going to take local transportation and need to walk.

You may also find some backpacks which can divide into two smaller packs for your convenience. Thus you would get a smaller and bigger packs to carry your things. When on a smaller trip you can take your things in the smaller backpack.

In many cities you can find steps, which prevent you from pulling a suitcase. Suitcases with rollers even become useless in such situations. The obvious choice here would be the backpack.

As a world traveler, you are going to meet all kinds of conditions. At times, you may have to carry everything yourself. The choice is often between a suitcase and a backpack. Considering most climates and conditions, the backpack is the choice of world travelers. Backpack allows you to carry whatever you want. You can also avoid the difficult task of pulling a suitcase over several steps. The backpacks which can convert into two smaller ones is also a good option. Additionally, backpacks are usually less costly as compared to suitcases. You can even purchase different good quality backpacks to suit your needs for the cost of a single suitcase. That is why more travelers carry a backpack versus a suitcase for real travel.

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