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Traveling New Zealand In A Campervan

By Adam Finan

Have you ever considered taking a road trip around New Zealand? A campervan is one of the best ways to explore NZ.

Is New Zealand A Good Place To Campervan?

Lets face it, group tours are boring and you feel like a sheep being herded along by a Shepard. When you have a vehicle it gives you the option to go anywhere you want whenever you want! There is so much to see and do between the two islands and with relatively short driving distances you will never need to drive to far to be at your destination.

Will It Be Expensive?

A tough question to give an accurate answer to.. There are some different factors that will affect your costs such as the style of camper, where you park at night, the amount of people on the trip, if you eat out or cook for yourselves.. There are lots of Department of Conservation park up spots designed for those traveling around New Zealand in a campervan and some have showers, toilets and power. Grap a map or check online at the DOC website for information. To stay in a holiday park can be as much as $30 per person. That is crazy, and if you are already paying for a camper, why spend this much money?

Chill Out Time

Campervans create a convenience to be able to stop anywhere and relax, have a cup of tea or coffee while by the beach (at no extra cost), and keep food cool for your trip. Everything you own is with you at all times. Your laptop, camera, kindle, bed.. All in one place, on the road, exploring a fantastic country in comfort.


Living in such close quarters can be a blessing or a curse. When you and a friend chose to travel together in a campervan, there can be some great times ahead. But on the contrary, traveling with a partner can be amazing. There is something very intimate about living together while traveling around New Zealand.


This depends on the length of your stay in New Zealand. If you come on a working holiday, then I recommend having a look at buying a campervan as you will have one year to use it. If you rent your campervan, it is pretty expensive for most unless you are sharing the costs between friends. Good news is that campervans in New Zealand will hold their value and you should be able to sell it for as much as you bought it for after a few months of travel.

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