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Ko Chang Hidden Gem

By Wilbur Kintzel

Ko Chang is located in the province of Trat in eastern Thailand, just north of the Cambodian border. It is the third largest island in Thailand after Phuket and Ko Samui. There is a mix of tropical mountains and beautiful beaches and is my favorite destination in Thailand.

In the Thai language "ko" means island, and "chang" means elephant. Elephant Island was given its name because the shape of the island vaguely resembles the profile of an elephant. Although elephants are not indigenous to Ko Chang, there are presently several living on the island.

Some of the animals that are found on the island are: birds, deer, monkey, mongoose, several species of snakes and the Ko Chang Wart Frog. It would be a good idea is you take a hike to be on the watch for snakes, because some are poisonous.

Ko Chang is a mountainous island and is famous for its waterfalls, tropical rain forests and abundant coral reefs and marine wildlife. Along with hotels, resorts, sandy beaches and rocky beaches, there are nine small villages on the island, mostly located on the west side. This side of the island is quiet and is a nice drive to get away from the resorts and tourist.

A ferry takes people and cars across to the Ko Chang. It is a short trip and gives people the chance to take in the beauty of the island. The boarding and getting off the ferry is usually very fast and convenient. You can then grab a taxi to your resort or hotel.

The waterfalls are an attraction you do not what to miss, on the island. Klong Plu is the most well known of the falls and offers an opportunity to chill, with a pleasant pond for swimming. The most suitable time to go is morning, because it's customarily cooler. It is about a twenty minute walk to the falls. This gives you an opportunity to take-in the animal life and fauna on the way. If you're feeling actually intrepid you can climb the rocks and leap straight into the pool, not suggested though, it was fun.

Some of the things to see and do on Ko Chang include. Bicycle tours which is a great way to get some exercise while learning about the local culture. Boat tours to neighboring islands are provided by long-tail boats or speed boats. Elephant treks by arrangement with travel agencies found on the island. Scuba diving lets you explore the crystal clear waters around the island, with lots of exotic fishes.

There is only one road on the island that follows the ocean form one end to the other. The problem is that it ends and doesn't make a complete circle around the island. The road can be treacherous and especially in the rain, so be careful if you are driving.

The resorts and hostels can be particularly crowded in the busy season from about Nov to Feb. I'd be certain to book a spot early if you're planning a visit to the island. It's a wonderful island with a sort of charm that's very attractive.

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