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Summer Pool Party Games For Kids

By Gloria Mason

The heat of summer is the perfect opportunity to take to the water to cool down. Break out the swim suits, iced drinks and inflatable toys and it is time to have a little fun in the sun. There are many great pool party games for kids that are sure to keep the young folk laughing, splashing and having a blast.

Water and children are as natural a combination as cookies and milk. Beginning as toddlers in a tub, they quickly learn to splash around and enjoy the fun of sloshing and swimming. Having some group play with their friends encourages team work and cooperation all while having an amazing time laughing and being young.

Being a classic does not mean that it stops being exciting. One game most people can remember playing as children is the tag game called Marco Polo. The one who is IT closes their eyes and calls out "Marco!" to which the other players respond with "Polo!" and IT uses their voices to try and pinpoint their locations in order to catch someone to take their place in the center.

Another long time favorite is even more thrilling but probably best left to the older kids. Chicken fighting is where everyone splits into teams of two and one sits atop the shoulders of the other. When someone yells for the game to start, the ones on top start trying to wrestle each other off of their partners and the last duo standing, wins.

Creating a whirlpool is best played in rounded pools that have a constant depth and is a great way to get all the children working together as a team. Start them moving around the sides in the same direction, like a train that starts slow and increases speed with each lap. Before long they will be going to fast that the water takes over and begins to move on it's own, allowing the youngsters to lift their feet and enjoy the ride until the momentum winds down.

Water jousting is an energetic competition that requires balance and dexterity and can be played as teams or individual elimination rounds. Players use rafts as their virtual horses and pool noodles as their lances. They meet in the center and attempt to knock each other off of their seats with a goal to be the last one still riding and take away a victory.

Those rafts, or inflatable donuts, will also come in handy relay races. Separate everyone into two teams with half of each going to opposite ends of the pool. The object is for a member from each group to jump on the float and paddle as fast as possible to the other side, tagging and switching places with a teammate on that end who repeats the action until the last one finishes and declares victory.

Entertaining the children during the heated summer days is actually quite an easy process. Allowing them to gather together to partake of some classic pool party games for kids is a great option. The old favorites are still as much fun as they always were, especially when some new innovative twists are added.

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