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Improving Skills At The San Francisco Baseball Academy

By Gloria Mason

Baseball is America's great past time and loved by fans all over the nation. Many kids have dreams of one day being a big league player and will want to work on their game to make that dream a possibility. Even thought the odds of achieving this are not good, chances will certainly be increased when they learn the game and practice as much as they can. At the San Francisco Baseball Academy, kids will learn and develop baseball skills to the best of their ability.

Two private lessons are two on one sessions. What that means is that two coaches will be working with one child. The classes will be either one half hour in length or one hour. This will depend on what type of classes were signed up for. Students who are signed up for either class will receive the same attention as each other. The only difference will be the length of the classes. Even though some may only need the half hour sessions, taking part in the full one hour classes will give a student more time to practice and learn the essential skills that they need to be the best that they can be.

An individual plan will be masterminded by the coaches for each individual student. This plan will help improve the performance of the kid. Parents who work with the coaches is always welcomed as they know the child's strengths and weaknesses. When this information is passed on to the coaches, it can be very beneficial.

Kids of all ages can enjoy the academy. There are classes for preschool, elementary, middle and high school kids. The strategies that are taught will depend on the child's skills, as well as their age. Kids who are from ages three to six will be taught the fundamentals of baseball. They will learn what the bat is for and how to use it. They will learn how to put on a glove and how to catch a ball. All of the basic rules of the game will also be taught.

Kids who are of elementary school age will get an insight to how physically demanding the sport can be. They were learn how to safely slide into bases without hurting themselves. Their strengths will also be noted such as speed, power and other various aspects of their game.

Those who are middle school will be going through a lot of physical changes and the coaches will understand this. For this reason, besides practicing offense and defensive aspect of the game, students will also learn the importance of teamwork in this sport.

High school aged students will know who they are as a player position wise and will practice their defensive skills just as much as their offense. They will be taught how important it is to stay in shape to reach peak performance on the field. They will learn to understand what their job is on a team.

The San Francisco Baseball Academy has batting cages that will be useful to anyone who wants to rent one. Pitchers will also find the pitching tunnel useful to practice throwing the ball. No matter what a person needs, the academy has everything possible for a person to improve their game.

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