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Secrets You Need To Know About New Hotels

By Dawn Williams

Surprisingly, hotel holds many secrets that they have been keeping from the masses and that is what makes it a profitable business. If you find the key to these secret then you will be living the life that you have always dream of and avoid some things you would otherwise complain if you only knew. This guide will share everything that you should know on new hotels in Haiti and get the most of your vacation.

This Caribbean nation is widely known of her pristine beaches and breathtaking waterfalls and lakes. Haiti has been always been one of the top tourist destinations in the world and hailed an interesting history full of intrigues. History tells us that they are the first to achieve a republic nation headed by black race and the first one in Latin America to achieve independence. Here are facts to improve your stay on their hotels.

Normally, an average cost for housekeeping in one room to make it operational each day is somewhere around $30 to $40. When you found a rate that cost you less for one night stay. Then you will run the risk of getting a not so clean room with an estimated housekeeping of $5. Probably, this will leave you sleepless night in comfort with the bed bugs.

Most complaints should be delivered to the front desk. So briefly explain the problem to them and ask properly whom you should address it to. If you want to make sure that they do something then get their name. Nothing tightens up the throat of every employee when directly identified and threats are not necessary.

Moreover, be reminded to not be fooled with any clear glasses. Chances are they are rinse on bathroom sink then patted dry with any clean looking pillow case and if only they visibly look untidy. It is best to drink from the comfort of a bottled water to avoid the incidence of drinking from a glass not thoroughly washed.

If you are fond of booking hotels in discounted rates then be prepared to have a discounted experience as well. Let us face it, a hotel is a business and if you opt for a cheap rate then you will mostly likely get that. The worst room in the hotel that has not been properly maintained.

If you need to do some cancellation on a reservation on the last minute but scared you will be paying a fee. The clever solution to this is to call the hotel a few weeks before and push through your reservation forward. Then, call back later on the day of the reservation and to cancel it. You have the room canceled, any possible fees bypassed and integrity is unharmed.

Finally, it would benefit you to know that there are those who holds the key of various hotel perks on their hands. Not all rooms with the same rate is the same. There is always those room with a better view, larger flat screen and bathroom and when you slip a tip to the right person it will find its way you.

It is not a guarantee that you will be able to apply on one setting because there is no uniformity in new hotels in Haiti. Given the circumstance it will come in handy to remember these tips anymore. One thing remains constant is that you deserve only what you have paid for.

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