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Points To Consider When Hiring An Atlanta Limo Service

By Leticia Morton

It can be exciting to travel in a luxury limousine driven by a chauffeur to one's special occasion like a prom or wedding. There are many Atlanta limo service providers but some are more dependable and professional than others, so it's important to know how to recognize which ones are worth doing business with.

The first thing one must determine is the exact time and day the limousine is needed, and the type of vehicle desired. Most customers choose the big stretch limos that have fully stocked bars, television, movies, and other fun features. Since these vehicles can be in demand at certain times of the year, it is usually necessary to make the reservation several weeks ahead.

The customer should note how friendly and helpful the representative of a limo company is on the phone. This person should be happy to answer any questions customers may have and also provide them with some references if they request it. It's prudent to always first check out a company's website, search for customer reviews online, and consult the Better Business Bureau before agreeing to hire them, and if a friend can recommend a particular service, this is even better.

In most cases, choosing an experienced company which has been around for several years at least is the best bet. An established limo service is more likely to be able to handle any unexpected situation that may occur. Although sometimes a particular company may be new to the business, but the owner actually has years of experience working elsewhere, so it's best to ask.

Customers should also verify that any limo company they do business with has kept their licenses up to date. Licensing laws may vary from one state to another, so it's wise to speak with the owner to ensure that the company has met these requirements. Furthermore, if they are a member of a recognized organization such as the NLA this also indicates professionalism.

The customer should also confirm that the company has appropriate insurance coverage on their vehicles, and ask to see proof of this fact. An eight-passenger limousine normally requires a commercial vehicle coverage of a minimum of 1.5 million dollars liability.

The bill for limousine rental is normally presented to clients after or on their booking date, although some companies will ask for a deposit upfront to secure a particular slot. Sometimes a discount will be given based on the date booked, party size or such, so the customer should always ask about this. Gratuities of 15 to 20 percent for the driver should be included in the total amount paid, the absence of this amount may warn of a company that is cheating its drivers and is likely less than honest.

Finally, when trying to find just the right Atlanta limo service, customers should be sure to stop by and personally inspect the limousine. It should be the type of vehicle agreed upon, be clean and well-maintained, and have the special features the customer has requested. Confirming that the company's drivers have had criminal background checks, physicals, and drug tests may also be a good idea.

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