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About A Luxury Travel Blog

By Joanna Walsh

Since travel blogs are very popular these days, more and more of them have been popping up in the internet lately. Now there are some that would focus on the popular sights, some would focus on the simple sights, while others would focus on the luxurious and fancy sights. One blog in particular concentrates only on the luxurious items which is known as A Luxury Travel Blog.

Now before zooming into what this particular site is about, it is best to know about how it started in the first place. Now the one who actually started this website would be none other than Doctor Paul Johnson. Doctor Paul Johnson is actually a blogger who is a part of the Professional Travel Bloggers Association which is actually an association that has more than around four hundred bloggers all around the world.

Now for his qualifications, he is actually a man who loves to travel a lot and has already been to a lot of countries during his work. Now he has been in the tourism industry for quite some time now. In fact, he is known to be one of the top guns of the online tourism marketing company known as The Dedicated Partnership LTD. Which is a company that showcases a lot of luxury places.

Now this website concentrates its posts on the luxurious sights that can be found abroad. Of course this would include the popular luxury tourist spots in the world, the hotels, and of course the restaurants. Since food is such a hot topic these days, this website would actually put a lot of their efforts in making luxury food blogs that would showcase some of the best restaurants around the world.

In fact, this particular website received the title of best of luxury by the Daily Telegraph Newspaper located in the United Kingdom. Per month, this website would have around more than three hundred thousand visit from viewers all over the world. The site would also update itself by putting up new blogs daily by the team of writers and other guest writers too.

Of course another very interesting thing about this website is that aside from the writers, also other writers from outside can write there too. In fact, this is a great place for aspiring bloggers to be able to get their work featured. Because of the popularity of the website, aspiring writers can actually get their name recognized by posting something very interesting.

To do this, one just first has to create a blog that is good enough to be posted in this website. From there, he just has to contact the website team to know more about how to go about. From there, he just has to collaborate with the team to know what the terms would be.

So for those who are bloggers out there or even avid travelers, this is definitely a site to visit. For the avid travelers out there, it is now possible to find a luxurious place to stay in order to enjoy some of the finer things in life. For the writers out there, this site would offer an opportunity for writers to get more known in the world of travel blogging.

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