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Swim Team Coaching In The City West Chester Pa Advice

By Joanna Walsh

Do you enjoy swimming and love the fun that comes with being deep inside the water? If your answer is yes, you have a starting point to make it in coaching swimmers. However, fantasy in swimming does not translate to being a good coach, hence you need to pay attention to the following lessons from a swim team coaching from the City of West Chester.

Just like any other sport you need to be an experienced swimmer yourself. How about you take an intensive swimming class yourself and work on sharpening your skills? Remember your team will believe that they can achieve if their coach posses impeccable skills so swallow your pride and take some few swimming classes. By doing so, you will increase your trust in yourself as the coach and impact the same on others.

Paying attention is one of the special gift you need to posses. By doing so you can identify players strengths as well as weaknesses and as the coach identify ways of improving on them. For example, how often do you spot a swimmer performing excellently in backstrokes? If you spot one take your time to encourage them to continue and improve on the same.

It is the desire of every team to carry home trophies after participating in competition. In some instances this is not always the case and this may have a detrimental effect on your team. As their leader you need to make it clear that failure in any venture is not fatal and success is neither final. You should exercise caution when exercising this crucial mantra to avoid tolerating substandard performance.

As a coach you may be tempted to think of yourself as the best. In fact you are in need of many lessons so be ready to take some not only from fellow coaches but also from your swimmers. In any form of coaching, experience is not measured by the number of years spent in the game, but the number of lessons taken from the game.

The title coach can be overwhelming and you may tend to think of yourself as the best. If this happens, it may be the beginning of your downfall. Always remember that the number of years you have spent in coaching does not necessarily translate to experience, but the number of lessons you have acquired equals your experience. Swimming can be equated with class work where the most hardworking students do not necessarily top the class. To be a good coach you need to ensure that hard work is coupled with talent. With this combination you can be assured of good results.

It is common for coaches to separate themselves from the game. One way of doing this is by setting stringent level of discipline to be followed by the players and not the coaches. Rules are fundamental in instilling discipline in any setting, but these rules are better followed if those who enact them follow them as well. As their leader you need to possess the highest level of discipline possible.

Lastly, remember being the lead coach does not make you the most knowledgeable, but an assistant of all who knows about the swimming. Always know that the real coach can only be found inside each individual swimmer . Am hoping that you will enjoy your coaching career.

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