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Everyone Loves The Shark Fishing Cape Cod Offers

By Iva Cannon

Many people dream of being able to go deep sea fishing and to catch that big one. This dream can become a reality with the efficient shark fishing Cape Cod provides. There are many different charters that guarantee a catch of some or other species of fish as well as ensuring that one has a great time doing it.

There are a great many varieties of shark and each one brings a new thrill when seen for the first time. The Great White is the most feared and is one of the most aggressive. They seem to have a truly amazing sense of smell and their eyesight and hearing is also very good. This specie is the only one of the sharks that tends to lift their head out of the water and it is speculated that they do this to see if there is any larger prey above water or to show their dominance.

They offer a twelve hour outing for only $1550.00 starting at four in the morning and ending at four in the afternoon. This is mainly for the shark excursions and they normally stop off at Monomoy and Nantucket to collect live and fresh bait. Fishing with live bait can attract Blue Sharks as well as Thresher sharks and Mako.

The highest point is Sankaty Head and it stands about thirty four meters about sea level. It has a total area of three hundred and four miles of which forty five square miles is land. The climate can range between warm summers and cool winters to hot and humid summers and sometime severely cold winters.

There are many charters that offer one to go out onto the sea and do some deep sea fishing. It need not only be shark fishing but Haddock and Cod as well as Tuna and Striped Bass and Bluefish. The Big Fish II Charters offer an exciting adventure and have over thirty years of experience in taking out avid fisherman.

Their boat can take up to six people at a time and they take trips to the Stellwagen Bank, Cape Cod Bay as well as many other offshore waters still all within the New England area. They are available to take out fishermen seven days a week as their continued existence depends on repeat business to make their living. They are equipped to take anyone from novice to experts and are more than willing to share their experiences with all.

The boat receives annual United States Coast Guard safety inspections and also has an inflatable life raft. All life jackets will fit an adult as well as children and there are fire extinguishers and signal flairs on board as well. A searchlight and first aid kits are also stashed away in case of emergencies.

Massachusetts is known to be one of the best places worldwide where sharks can be caught. The Monster Shark Tournament is held every year in the Oak Bluffs which is a town on the island of Martha's Vineyard. Many tourists arrive each year to see this tournament and also to see the beautiful cottages that resemble gingerbread houses.

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