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Learning How To Clean A Wetsuit

By Lelia Hall

Surfing gear is very important in the various sports the surfers engage in. It is therefore very necessary to take good care of this gear which is quite expensive to ensure it is usable over a long time. Various mechanisms have been used in ensuring the high quality of the cloths are maintained.It has become necessary to understand the various steps on how to clean a wetsuit which plays a major role in promoting good maintenance for the gear.

Washing is very simple and it involves a number of steps that can be easily carried out from home or services from the laundry. The soft material used to make this wears makes washing using the hands very suitable and also prevent the tearing of the cloths. However in most laundry places the cleaning is done using the washing machines which are relatively fast and efficient.

Washing commences with the splashing of cold water on the cloth using strong jets of water which facilitates removal of the stuck sand particles and other solids. The water absorbs the salts and sweat that is also trapped within the fabrics. This step is recommended especially in instances where the washing machines are used. This ensures that the cloths are particles free thus preventing any possible blockage in the draining systems of machines.

Soaking in cold water is done to weaken the sticky dirt patches such as sweat which makes washing after some time very easy. Washing conditioners are very essential in this stage because they help improve the quality of fabrics hence making the cloth to look brilliant and last long. The conditioners are added to the water and allowed some minutes so that they can be effective. These conditioners act as a disinfectant to the clothes by killing the germs present.

Actual washing of clothes involves scrubbing the clothes gently using very soft washing brushes or towels in the case of hand washing. The scrubbing can also be done using soft towels or the material is rubbed gently against itself. Once all the dirt has been removed, clean water is used to rinse the clothes to eliminate all excess soap and the dirty water.

Proper drying practices should be observed to ensure that the best results are achieved. The clothes should be hanged using specialized hungers that are designed for this task. The drying should take place in a shade free from direct sunlight to allow slow drying which protects the quality of the fabrics. They should be hanged in an upright posture to keep them in shape.

There are advisable practices that are recommendable during the washing of such clothes. Hot water is highly discouraged since it causes stretching of a wetsuit fabrics which results in the loss of shape of a cloth. Direct sunlight and use of drying machines should also be avoided to ensure protection of the fabrics as well.

Cleaning is very important and should be carried out often to ensure the clothes remain in good condition. It is therefore advisable to follow the correct order during washing. This will result in properly maintaining the good aspects of the sporting gear.

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