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Selection Of Namibia Safari Packages

By Iva Cannon

African safaris are an important step for those deciding to enjoy one. Selecting not only the country you will visit but also the itinerary of your trip can involve a lot of research over an extended period of time. Selecting the country to visit and what activities you will participate in while there may be the most important part of your research project. Choosing one of the many Namibia safari packages available may give you exactly what you are looking for.

There are many areas worth visiting in this country. The topography covers a wide spectrum of regions that include mountains, plains, desert and miles of sandy coast line. Each of these areas could serve as a perfect destination but most companies offer groupings of three or more regions in their safaris. The large areas covered sometimes include air trips that can help cover the territory quickly.

One air excursion that is highly recommended is to the Skeleton Coast. Here you will see beached whale bones as well as ships that have washed ashore after sinking. It is an experience that should not be missed while in Africa. Most safaris include a visit to this area in the itinerary.

There are other air tours available for visitors that allow you to view the wildlife from the air and on the ground. You may also want to fly to the more remote camps located in the high desert. Self driving tours are also available through tour companies. You are supplied with maps and GPS and allowed to traverse the routes at your own speed. Many travelers choose to leave the vehicles at local lodges while they travel into the wilderness with guided tours.

One type of package you can choose will house you in lodges that have all the amenities of home. Some feature large common areas and multiple restaurants to choose from. Many also feature swimming pools as well as simple spa areas. Additional activities are available and are included in the cost of your stay at most of the lodges. Some lodges offer the same activities at an extra cost to the client. Many times the costs involved can exceed the cost of your stay.

Yet another means of experiencing this area is by traveling with a personal guide and staying in some of the many tent camps that are located throughout the country. The camps are reminiscent of safaris seen in old movies. There are rarely more than ten guest tents and meals are prepared many times over the open camp fire.

While camping out guests are guided, either on foot or in vehicles into the wilderness to view elephants, black rhinos, giraffes and other animals common to the area they are in. Some guests are lucky enough to spot lions or cheetahs but this is not common because they are very elusive.

This area is off the beaten track for tourists but you may find that one trip to Namibia is not enough to truly appreciate all it has to offer.

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