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What Is A Corn Maze?

By Iva Cannon

There are lovely things that can be created outside using nature with just a little bit of skill and imagination. A corn maze is a great example of design and nature meeting to create beautiful designs when looking down from above, but also providing fun and entertainment from the ground. You are bound to have lots of fun making your way through a maze, and mazes like this have become huge attractions for tourists over the years.

The world's largest of these mazes was named in 2010 by the Guinness Book of World Records. It is found in Dixon, California. However, it may not actually be the largest, as there is a maze of 62 acres found at Adventure Acres in a location just outside Dayton, Ohio. This maze features eight and a half miles of trails.

The planning of such mazes prior to execution is hard work. A farmer must not only think about the design of the maze itself, but also the elements that will make the design work to its fullest potential. The stalk's height and strength will play a major part in the final outcome, and as such, the right hybrid of corn must be selected. It is also important to cut the stalk properly on the inside where the walkways are to be made, to eliminate unwanted regrowth.

One of the most damaging things to look out for is the rotting of the stalks, which is very common. This disease happens for a number of reasons. Moisture can play a part in the stalk rotting or it could be an issue with moisture. It is also very important to note when to plant during the year, as it is not at the same time as planting other crops in farming and agriculture.

You can decide what type of mazes you would like to visit based on the ages of those who are going with you. For a family trip or even a kids' birthday party, a daytime maze is perfect. These are generally under 10 feet high and take an hour or less to get through. This, of course, is dependent on the size of the maze. Add a little spice to the journey by leaving clues or puzzles to be solved along the way.

Teenagers may well enjoy visiting one of these sites during the night. They can still solve puzzles or find clues to a prize, but in the night time this requires additional skill due to the dark, hence why it is better for the older ones. Flashlights make the experience more thrilling, and there is lots of fun to be had trying to find the way out with friends.

For young adults and older individuals, a haunted version is probably the most exciting way to explore. This is great particularly at Halloween, or even for some sort of murder mystery-style party. The suspense of making your way to the exit with unexpected thrills and screams and laughter is definitely not something you will forget any time soon!

The British call them maize mazes instead. In England, they are found more in the eastern region of the country. Visitors to these farms for the day will often find other fun and child-friendly activities included. Animal petting, hay rides, pony rides or picnic areas are often included. This helps provide farmers with additional income.

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