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DFW Airport Service And City Connections

By Edna Booker

While shuttles often serve only airport grounds, some now offer connecting services to area cities and towns. One place this is now quite helpful is at many airports which offer rent-a-cars and other ground transportation. When it comes to DFW airport service shuttles, individuals can now also get to light rail trains which operate just outside the airport complex.

While most continue to run within the boundaries of the complex, those serving remote parking lots now also offer service to a nearby light rail station. Trains running from the one closest to the complex run in opposite directions, one to Dallas, Texas, and the other to Fort Worth. While these cities have been nicknamed the metroplex for years, only within the last few years have these public transit options become available.

While most shuttles operate within the complex, there are several which also serve the local rent-a-car center at which the train station is also located. As such, locals and tourists now use the light rail system and connections at the airport to travel between Dallas, Texas, also known as Big D and Fort Worth, also known as Cowtown. From the terminal rent-a-car stop, individuals can either take a train toward Big D or Cowtown, together often referred to as the metroplex.

The Hyatt Regency, while operating outside the complex can still be reached through a different shuttle service. While this is the case, the Hyatt Grand is most often the first choice of hotels for travelers to the area. Whereas, the Regency is often the second choice when the other Hyatt is booked or out of service due to construction and repairs.

There are basically two types of shuttles at DFW, there are the ground shuttle buses that operate on streets and travel to different terminals, then there are the Airtrans trains which run between terminals inside the security gates. One problem with the shuttle service is that buses do not run as early as some security gates open. As such, there may at times be a need to schedule a shuttle that can pick up and drop off passengers to other gates upon request.

One of the biggest and brightest aspects is that of the new light rail system. For, up until the the trains began running, travelers could go no further than the parking lots without obtaining a rent-a-car or taking long trips on a public bus. Now, the high speed trains offer individuals the ability to travel to many different areas of the metroplex.

When meeting family and friends traveling in from other areas, it is often best to meet at baggage claim. For, not only is this an area which does not require individuals to hold a ticket, it is also the area closest to close up parking, ground transportation and shuttle buses. More importantly, when meeting in baggage claim, it can often be closer and easier to move vehicles which may exceed time limits due to delays in arrival.

All features which make DFW one of the best and most organized complexes to transverse in the world. While having the status of the largest airport in the world during early existence, it has now been overshadowed by many larger ones. Still, it remains one of the most friendly and easily accessible regardless of past history.

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