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Information On Stony Brook Limo

By Edna Booker

Attending a special or high profile event will require one to arrive at his destination in style. This means that one should start looking into how he can lease the Stony brook limo as early as possible. Make sure you have identified the different companies that are offering this service and the factors that separate them from each other.

Companies will often have different kinds of automobiles. Apart from the model, they are also distinguished by their sizes. The most commons ones are; the six sitter stretch, specialty SUV, sedan as well as the ten sitter stretch. In some firms, you will also find that they have the shuttle buses.

Always make sure you choose a vehicle based on your event. Do not just make a reservation because you feel that a particular vehicle looks good or is more comfortable. First consider the particular event you want to attend before making your reservation.

Hourly billing is the norm with almost all firms. The only time that this does not apply is when a person is using a package, such as those designed for weddings and prom nights. In addition, those who have leased the specialty limos will also not be billed by the hour.

When making your reservation, you will find that there are very many service levels. It all comes down to what the client wants to pay for. Just like in hotels, limos come with different services on offer. You will be the one to choose what you prefer.

Having chosen the service level you desire, make sure you inquire about the final rental price. It is important to ask for this figure as it tends to be the final quotation after all the additional charges have been calculated. It is therefore the figure the firm will be working with when they bill you.

A client can also request the firm to stock the bar with his favorite drinks. All one has to do is communicate in advance informing the firm you would like to enjoy some drinks during that trip. Remember that only adults are allowed to take alcohol.

Alcoholic drinks are generally allowed in these vehicles. The only rule being that one must be of legal age in order to partake in them. If you would like the firm to stock the mini bar for you, ensure you communicate this request in advance.

Take your time to research on the firm that is offering this service. It is important to know the people running it, the kind of history they have as well as their experience offering this particular service. In order to get the best service, you should make certain you work with people who are experienced.

Individuals should make sure that reservations are made as early as possible. Choose the limo company you like and then get in touch with them. Ensure you provide them with details regarding your event and any other additional services you may like the firm to provide you during your ride to the event.

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