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A Fashion As If You Have An Airport Limousine Service

By Susan Dawson

Most of us are using airplane for distant traveling. And some of the billionaires are using airplane just to travel from one state to another every hour or two. Though this is not usual for a middle class like you, this cannot be a valid reason for not maintaining fashion in such place. If you do not own an airport limousine service in Atlanta, then act like you got.

Some airline seats demand trouser and restrict jeans for both ladies and men. This is to avoid discomfort and overheating of the body and to allow stretching and light feeling. Though jeans is the most used for casual fashion, but in travel type like this, it is not advisable. A cotton clothed pants would do for men and women. Slim fit cut would do, for choosing tight fit is not ideal.

For the upper, heavy cloth like wool and denim is not advisable. Hyperventilation is one of the most cases flight attendants face from their passengers for some are not wearing proper attire required by the management. If your shirt or blouse are made of cloths like silk, satin and polyester, then you cannot use it in a plane travel for they are uncomfortable. Cotton is the best when it comes to ventilation.

The wrap top is also important for this will provide you heat during cold times, but the type would always base on the weather of where you are to go. Though jackets are needed for this, it is not suggested for jackets are already out of fashion. Today, coats and cardigans are the most used wrap by most of the trend setters of fashion. Just make sure the the thickness is enough for you to use in cold or hot place.

You cannot leave without your shoes, Today, most men and women are using high cut boots for both need and fashion but not all the time boots look cool and not all the time boots fit in an occasion. If you you do not want to be an outcast, then it is best to wear ankle cut boots. This type of cut will fit to anyone, anywhere and anytime. Aside from that, this is lightweight and does not make your feet sweat.

There is no cool glasses aside from shades, yes, shades is not just used for the sun rays but also to protect your eyes from the white appearance made by the snow. Anyone who wears a sunglasses will look cooler then the time they are not wearing it. If you think that your eyes are not that attractive then you can use a sunglasses.

The carry on must also be fashionable, brand does not matter as long as it is durable and fashionable. Duffle shaped bag for men and cube shaped shoulder bag for women will do and spacious enough. It is highly suggested to chose a back that can be a handbag and shoulder bag at the same time.

For the luggage, the size and type will matter depending on the weight the airline would allow. There are a lot of stylish suitcase nowadays but these weighs heavier than a car. Something that is cloth wrapped and not plastic is ideal, for plastic is heavier. For the color, if you are having hard time to choose, then choose black, for it fits to any fashion you are into.

If you consider yourself dandy enough, then you can now assume that there will be an airport limousine service in Atlanta that will surprise you. So you may no go and use the port as your catwalk. Do not forget that fashion is not about trend, it is about consistency and comfort.

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