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Understanding The Purpose Of Horse Rugs

By Katrina Wheeler

Protecting the ones we love is very important. When the ones we love are horses we must consider the best options for protection. They often need assistance to stay dry, warm up and cool down. Horse rugs provide additional assistance when weather conditions become extreme.

Coverlets come in many different weights, colors and sizes. Most cloaks have clips and straps for added security. There are attachments from under the belly, between and around the back legs and around the chest. Using sheets, which are light weight, are perfect for the summer months and are effective in protecting your equestrian friend from insects. Heavier blankets are used during the brutal winter months to provide additional protection from rain, sleet and snow.

During the winter months, your animals will be able to stay warm and dry using these coverlets. Most are warm and water proof in order to prevent your animal from becoming wet during snow or rain. Additional protection is also available by attaching a neck cover.

Each different style and type of blanket has a purpose. There are turnout, cooling, fly and stable blankets. You will find that the weight will also vary according to its use. Some people use an anti-sweat cover to assist in absorbing excess water, before using one of the other types of blanket.

During the winter, when your animal is out to pasture, a turnout cover is an excellent option. Choose one that is rated based on the weather conditions appropriate for your climate. During the summer months many people choose to use fly sheets for protection against pesky flies. After an intense workout, you might choose to use a cooling blanket to assist in cooling the core temperature of your animal until it reaches the appropriate level. There are blankets and rugs for many different purposes.

If your animal is damp, it would be important to use an anti-sweat sheet, which is usually made of cotton, to absorb excess moisture from his coat. This should be removed before blanketing. He should receive a good rub down with dry towels before placing the blanket on him. Your animal should be dry before blanketing, otherwise, it could hold the moisture in, and he could become ill.

As the weather changes and the temperatures begin to drop, allow your animal to adjust to the temperature changes naturally. This will allow him to grow a winter coat. His winter coat will provide him with a great deal of protection. Make certain that you only blanket your animals when it is necessary. Blanketing early in the season means less natural protection for you animal.

During extreme weather, you will need the correct equestrian provisions. The safety of your hoofed friends takes precedence. Horse rugs provide exceptional protection from the harshest of environments. They provide warmth in the winter, cool in the summer, protection from irritating insects, fleece for additional comfort and warmth and water-proofing for rain and snow. No matter what season, there is a perfect rug and the horses will look so cute wearing them too.

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