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Pool Party Games For Kids In The Warmer Weather

By Marsha Klein

Pool party games for kids is a fun way for youngsters to pass their time during the warm summer days while they also get some exercise with their peers. Planning your festivities ahead of the party will assist you in keep everyone's attention and help to decrease the chance that your little party goers will become bored.

While some parents will just encourage the youngsters to play the activities, it can be even more appealing to the children if there are prizes for the winners at the completion of each game. Prizes do not need to be costly to be lots of fun. Often, you can find some great choices at simple discount shops.

Though there is no set rule about what kind of prizes you should get, it can sometimes be even more intriguing for the children when prizes are theme based. Any prizes that are related to the water or the summer weather can be fun to have on hand.

There are a number of different games on the market that can be played in water nowadays. Basketball is probably the most popular choice among the activities but, there is also tennis and golf among many more. These activities can be found in many different department stores at varying prices. Generally speaking, they are not too costly to purchase.

Buying rubber ducks or balls can allow you to offer a simple but, fun game. Mark each of the balls or ducks either with a color or a number to help you and the players to identify who owns which one. Instruct the children to swim as quickly as possible with the game piece. Tell the children they are not allowed to use their hands, only their feet to make the game piece move along the water.

Ice cube races are a fun and low cost way to play a challenging game. Simply take a large quantity of ice and throw them in the water with the kids. In different teams, have the youngsters race around the water and collect as many ice cubes as they can before they all melt. To make it an even bigger challenge, tell the players they are only allowed to grasp the ice with their feet.

If your guests are older children, they would probably like a water relay. How the game is played is really quite simple, put the kids into different teams and give them an item to race from one end of the pool to the other with. The first team who gets all their members through the race first will be the winners.

The age of the youngsters will obviously play a part in helping you decide which pool party games for kids are most suitable for the event you are hosting. Always be sure there are plenty of adults available to help supervise the children. Encourage parents to be present during the event and be sure there are not too many children in the water at one time, having large numbers of children in the water at once can make it harder to keep an eye on all of them.

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