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Go Riding In Style And Comfort With Zara Phillips Clothing

By Alyce Powell

Think of the British aristocracy and you probably think of horses. It seems that you cannot be a member of the royal family if you haven't been born right there in he saddle. However, not many people think of riding as the setting for some of the great British fashion moments. Riders tend to dress in drab-looking outfits when they're out on horseback. With the range of Zara Phillips clothing, however, it's possible to look stylish without having to compromise on the comfort you need in the saddle.

Zara Phillips is technically a princess. She is the eldest granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth, the Queen of Britain. She doesn't have an official title because her father, Captain Mark Phillips, does not have a title and being descended from royalty through the maternal line doesn't grant a person the right to a title. However, even though her parents tried to give her and her brother Peter a normal childhood, there's no denying their blue blood. After all, Granny and Gramps live in a place called Buckingham Palace and Prince Charles was the one who chose her name.

As she grew up, Princess Anne's daughter quickly showed that she was highly gifted. She did exceptionally well in school and was also great at sports. A rebellious phase made her a tabloid favorite but the qualified physiotherapist has since settled down with Mike Tindall, an English rugby player. They're currently expecting a child.

Princess Anne and Captain Phillips were both horse-riding champions. Captain Phillips won a gold medal at the Munich Olympics in 1972 and four years later his wife became the first royal to represent her country at an Olympic event, this time in Montreal. Their daughter kept up the family tradition by becoming a world champion and winning a silver medal at the London Olympics.

Zara has never been much of a style icon. In fact, she's often been criticized for her lack of fashion sense. However, in recent years she's undergone a metamorphosis and has more often appeared in public looking like the princess she technically is.

Since 2010, the Queen's first granddaughter has embarked on a different venture as clothing designer. However, she doesn't design little cocktail dresses that go with high-heeled shoes and handbags. Someone as sporty as her would prefer clothes for the great outdoors and her range is specifically for horse-riding.

The range is known as ZP176. This is the number that Zara used the first time she rode for her country. Her experience as an equestrian champion means that she knows just what riders need so her clothes focus on function, comfort and practicality. However, they're stylish too. The range includes items such as jackets, socks, caps, headbands, neck tubes and chaps.

The range of Zara Phillips clothing has been designed for Musto Outdoor Clothing. This clothing company supplies gear for lovers of sports like sailing and riding. They're based in Britain but deliver in many other countries, even as far afield as America and Australia. If you find yourself in England, you may also want to visit one of their stores so that you can appreciate the ZP176 range first hand.

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