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Wearing Musto Tops For Sport

By Katrina Wheeler

The initial concept of this company when it was set up on the 1960s was to offer more advanced clothes to the sailing fraternity. It still does this in the present day although has branched into clothes production for many outdoor activities. Their products are fashionable and functional and this applies to Musto tops as much as any of their clothing range.

Those looking for some outerwear can choose from the extensive selection of coats and jackets the company has to offer. These are typically manufactured in materials that can protect the wearer from wind, cold or rain, with fabrics such as Gore-Tex and Arctec used. Many also have Durable Water Repellent (DWR) and other coatings. The outerwear available comes in a variety of styles from parkas to windjammer jackets and duffle coats.

A gilet is a style of sleeveless waistcoat or jacket that offers the advantage that it restricts the arms less to provide more freedom of movement. This is useful in many sports such as riding, shooting and sailing. Musto gilets come in a few materials and colors, with some of those on offer including a retrievers vest, crew gilet and a clay shooting vest.

A sweatshirt or hoody can be ideal for times when a larger coat is a little too much. These pull on garments are generally a little less bulky to wear and the lighter style can be perfect for keeping the wearer comfortable on warmer days. The Musto range includes plain look sweatshirts and hoodys, as well as styles such as sailor stripes.

Tops made from fleece are valued for being soft and warm. This makes them comfortable for outdoor wear and Musto taps into this market by offering a few styles for sale. This includes sleeved and sleeveless fleeces in a number of colors. Darker greens and browns are more common although there are a few brighter reds and blues for those that prefer this.

Knitted garments have long been popular for outdoor wear and the Musto knitwear collection taps into this. Sports enthusiasts, as well as others, can choose from practical and attractive garments that feature one of three neck types. This includes standard crew and v-necks, as well as a more functional zipper neck. Cable and rib knitwear looks are a couple of the options in the range and these come in one color or with a knitted pattern.

The shirts on offer are a fashionable choice, with both ladies and gents garments available for sale. Men have the bigger selection and can choose from standard buttoned or rugby shirts. These come in a plain or patterened style, with patterns including gingham and plaid. The collection for women has one-color as well as plaid styles.

Musto tops also include under garments such as t-shirts and polos. These can be bought by ladies and gents in the more traditional short sleeve style although long sleeve garments are also available. Color options range from plainer white to brighter reds and blues. Many incorporate practical features to make them suitable for use outdoors. The sunblock range, for example, is designed to help with sun protection by stopping UV rays.

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