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Essential Tips On South Texas Deer Hunting

By Georgia Diaz

For those that live in South Texas deer hunting is an enjoyable activity that most people enjoy. There are essential tips when it comes to doing the hunting in the best way possible. First and foremost, it is important to make use of precision scouting. There should not be contamination of areas in question, either with alarming body odor or noise that could scare the animals. If this was the case, the whole exercise would be futile.

In order that the bucks are not alarmed, one should carry out a study of photos taken from the air and maps to come up with probable hot spots like where the animals sleep, their eating grounds, watering holes or routes that they may use to escape. When that is done, there should be setup of 24 hour inspection to effectively monitor critical locations. Trail cameras are used for this exercise. Precision scouting ensures there is safe pinpointing of their patterns.

When exploring new areas, one should strive to set up effective traps that help them to locate the bigger bucks. More pictures can be captures by implementing mock scrapes, mineral licks and bait stations at the front of trail cameras. This allows the hunter to maximize the potential of these cameras, making it possible to cover large areas.

There should be hanging of several tree stands. Doing hunting of one or two locations repeatedly during the whole season could be very harmful. There is a tendency of mature bucks to develop a habit of observing patterns of hunters, thus avoiding ambush points. When tree stands are strategically hanged, they make up for various directions of the wind.

Hunting should be done above the detection zone as much as possible. If tree stands are set low, there will be increased probability of getting busted by the nose, ears or eyes of whitetails. If however the stands are hanged high, movement will be more convenient. Furthermore, when one sits above the detection zone, they do not risk getting exposed by swirling of the wind. There needs to be a lot of precaution when one goes to hunt in great heights. This includes wearing protective clothing.

There should be careful planning and preparation of the routes that will be used in prior. With proper planning of entry and also exit locations, it will be less likely that that will bump into areas with high traffic of bucks, their feeding areas or bedding locations. This helps in keeping the hunter under the radar of the buck. There also needs to be clearance of preferred routes.

Shooting lanes need to be well cleared. The exercise will be useless unless one is able to take their shots well. This further explains why it is important to cut obstructive matter and clear shooting lanes. By having clear lanes, the exercise will be more effectively carried out.

For the residents of South Texas deer hunting should be done with proper monitoring of wind movement and directions. This will determine if the bucks get the scents of hunters or not. The instrument known as a wind direction indicator is used. If the bucks get the scent of hunters, they will scamper away, making the exercise unsuccessful.

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