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Information On South Texas Taxidermy

By Georgia Diaz

Taxidermy is from the Greek language. This profession, hobby or trade has been around for many years. It basically involves the killing of an animal and removing its skin which is dried and preserved. The skin is stuffed again to make it look like the same animal it was. This is a special craft that is almost similar to painting and sculpting. Since time immemorial hunters have been using this skill to remind them of their captures. Today South Texas Taxidermy is becoming a preferred career pursued by many.

This artistry is mainly carried out on vertebrate animals including animals, mammals, reptiles, amphibian and fish. They are commonly found in museums for the public to view and learn more about animals. The approach to this craft has improved over the centuries and hence the quality of stuffed animals has improved greatly.

Clearing out the skull needs to be done with much care not to damage it. There are many methods but there are some more appropriate than others because it causes less damage. A colony of beetles can be placed inside the cranium so that the inside remains can be cleared completely. It is paramount that most of the flesh is removed before placing the insects inside as they do not eat too much. This means it will take less time for the animal to be cleared on the inside.

Maceration is another method used to remove flesh from the cranium. Bacteria are grown in a pail of water which is then used to eat away the meat. It is an excellent method which does not destroy the cranium. However, growing the bacteria can produce a very bad smell which eventually permeates into the rest of the neighborhood.

Another great approach which is the easiest and simple is actually submerging the entire animal head into a bucket of water that is warm. The temperatures determine how long the flesh will be eaten away by microbes. When the water goes bad only throw away half of it so that all the bacteria is not lost.

The fastest process of cleaning out the cranium and that takes only 18hours is using boiling water. However this approach could damage it. Bleach can be used to speed up the process even further but discoloration could occur.

Taxidermy is very popular today and many home owners are using their artifacts to decorate their homes. The expert professionals can actually make an exact look alike of an animal of choice. They are very carefully not to make one that does not appeal as it will be rejected.

This type of craft is highly pursued as a career. Tens of people are leaving their jobs to join this trade in pursuit of fulfillment and satisfaction. Any South Texas Taxidermy will give an insight into why they started the trade and how they are managing. There are websites providing classes for those who wish to do it from home. DVDs can easily be found by the professionals. More information about this career can be retrieved all around from conventions, magazines and associations.

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