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Horseware Ireland Clothing Leads The Way

By Katrina Wheeler

Horse ownership and riding are no longer the exclusive domain of the wealthy. This sport has become extremely popular with people from all backgrounds. There are many devoted horse owners all over the country who are on the look out for high quality clothes for both themselves and their horses. The horseware Ireland clothing company has been a world leader with their innovative styles and fabrics for many years now.

The company has spent many years in research and development to come up with some of the most practical and hard waring lines available. The products are designed with real world use in mind. The materials are of the highest quality and come with excellent guarantees. Shoppers can be assured they are getting the very highest quality and that their purchase will give them years of wear.

Understanding the limitations of traditional horse ware, the company got to work with enthusiasm. They realized that it was better to go back to the drawing board and create something completely new and different. The result was the Rambo range of horse blankets. Both equines and their owners have been grateful ever since.

The Rambo line is different in just about every way. The shape and cut of the blankets is much more generous. They are designed with the needs of horses in mind. The front fasteners over lap to provide a warm snug feel. This also helps to prevent chaffing. The blankets are held in place by a completely new system of crossed straps. Again they eliminated the areas of pressure that generations of horses had to endure, but at the same time do an extremely effective job of keeping the blanket in place.

Attention to detail is the hall mark of every horseware Ireland product. The show clothes are also designed with comfort and practicality in mind. The busy equestrian will love having easy care show shirts that can be washed and dried overnight and look as good as new even at the end of the show season. Riding pants have also been redesigned to flatter every figure. They are available in a great range of sizes, colors and fits. From navy blue schooling pants to white show ring specials, each pair is tailored to the very highest quality.

Effective water proofing was also a key element in the success of the new range. Horses need to get outside and stretch their legs no matter what the weather. Having good quality turn out sheets makes life so much easier for horse owners. It saves many hours of grooming time and keeps horses in show condition.

Owners have not been forgotten by the company either. They have developed a wonderful range of fun and funky stable ware. Riders can now look as fashionable as their horses. The summer weight polo shirts have been a consistent best seller. They are loose enough for riding but contoured enough to flatter every figure.

The horseware Ireland clothing company had changed the way that both horses and their riders dress. The old days of stiff tweeds and plain colors is over for ever. Shopping on line is the fastest and easiest way to check out the great selection of colors and designs.

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