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Sports Cards For Sale Via Ebay

By Katrina Wheeler

Before the internet came, collectors had limited options for selling their unwanted cards. Only a fraction of a card value can be offered by brick and mortar shops. Organizing a weekend card show involves spending quite a lot of money and time. This was until eBay came. From the late 90s, the sites simplistic tools, worldwide audience and relatively low start-up cost provides collectors with more options for selling cards. This articles looks at how sports cards for sale can be sold via eBay.

Starting the process of listing cards on the site requires a person to register with an eBay seller account. In addition, they have to upgrade or open a PayPal Premier Account. Time can be saved and things made easier by getting a new checking account different from that used for personal as well as household expenses.

It is advisable to go for a bank whose minimum deposit does not exceed $100 and has lesser monthly maintenance fee. The sellers would then ask to be given a debit card to enable the account be registered with his or her PayPal and eBay accounts. When the setting up of the bank account is done, the process of registering with PayPal and eBay can start together with selling the cards.

Keeping track of expenses from the beginning is recommended, as it may have some tax consequences later. This does not depend on whether the seller is making sales to buy other items or just to earn an extra income. Shipping supplies and protection of card are some of the expenses. It can be beneficial to stock up the supplies before starting sales. This is because once the seller closes the first card sale; he will not be scrambling or recycling supplies.

When selling a sports card, a number of options are offered by eBay, including traditional auctions, eBay stores and Buy It Now sales. Although setting up a store may appear practical, but getting vital experience with traditional auctions and buy it now listings is advisable. Once the seller has done business for some time and is familiar with the site, he or she can move to an eBay store.

Among the earliest and most vital things to do when a seller starts selling cards is knowing exactly which ones are being listed. This deals with both their condition and the type of card. Once these aspects have been determined, it is time to create a listing.

Including a photo of the card is a good idea. It is not possible to overemphasize the importance of pictures. The saying about a picture being worthy of a thousand words definitely has some truth when it comes to selling a sports card on eBay. Scanning the card is advisable over using a camera, since it produces a better image and is easier.

When listing on eBay sports cards for sale, the next step is to complete the part on shipping information. One will have to make up their mind on whether they wish to sell overseas. However, it is a good idea to stick to inside the US when first trying out eBay.

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