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Beach Holidays In Italy: Waiting To Be Discovered

By David Cammeroon

Holidays in Italy have been popular through the ages, though it is surprising to learn that few of these are taken in the beach resorts. Indeed, it is somewhat of a hidden paradise for Italians themselves, as many visitors content themselves with visiting the cities.

A beach resort which has been popular for sometime however is on the island of Sardinia. Quite possibly the best beaches within the whole of Europe are here, and with the Mediterranean gently lapping its shores alongside the wonderful resorts that line the coast, it is still relatively quiet.

Another popular destination, though not for its beaches, is Tuscany. However, set in the breathtaking region of Monte Argentario lie some amazing beaches which just beckon visitors to relax.

A wonderful part of the country, there are a selection of simply divine private villas readily available for hire. This is often the best policy too, as though the waters of the sea are welcoming, having access to a private pool is always a bonus. Similar accommodation is available throughout Gallipoli and Syracuse in the always popular Sicily.

There is so much more to Sicily however, and not far off the coast are the Egadi Islands. The seafood here is unsurprisingly superb; given the clarity and rich blue-green of the waters on its shore.

For a full on beach experience, Viareggio on the western coast has amazingly decadent seafront hotels. Whilst to the east Rimini is a place to head to for those full of the party spirit, though there is also a lot to offer for those looking for culture and tradition.

Holidays in Italy are always going to be a draw; such is the beauty and appeal of the culture, the people and the food. That all this can be enjoyed set amongst stunning beach locations makes it all the better.

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