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Crucial Knoxville Raceway Weather Information

By Patty Goff

Knoxville raceway has kept alive the festival of races that runs every Saturday night from April to September. With the tradition running since 1954, it remains one of the most spectacular seasons in the calendar every year. Every family member wants to be part of what happens at Marion County Fairgrounds because it is breathtaking.

The fun of these events is likely to be spoilt by a poor judgment of the weather. This has seen authorities in the area release the Knoxville Raceway weather briefs to assist visitors in planning for their fun. The briefs contain crucial details on how the mornings and evenings will be. This ensures that everyone is safe regardless of the effort and precaution by organizers.

In case of severe weather, there are safety tips and crucial information provided to all participants. In case of severe conditions during an event, it is worth noting that there is no adequate protection against very strong wind, tornadoes and lightning. This statement by organizers means that everyone takes personal responsibility.

You are required to be very proactive and think critically in case of a storm. This means that you have a plan of action and remain alert since there are no warning signs in some cases. While within the area, identify safety routes and places beyond identifying how you would safely get there. When making the plan, bear in mind the condition of every family member who came along. Some could be elderly while others could be sick. As a family or group, you should act in unison to avoid panic and confusion.

The weather keeps changing between April and September. With this in mind, it is necessary to watch meteorological reports on daily basis. This means that you will be prepared rather than be ambushed by a sudden storm. Your response will not be out of panic but planned.

Tornadoes are likely to strike during race days. From the information on the ground, neither Marion County Fairgrounds nor Knoxville Raceway has an approved tornado shelter. This presents a very tricky situation for you and your family. Young children and the elderly are at risk if a tornado strikes.

Information from the Red Cross Society indicates that, when the storm finds you outdoor, look for the nearest shelter before it is full blown. Some of the shelters are not within reach. You are therefore advised to rush to your car and buckle your seat belt. This will allow you to drive safely to a safe place or wait for the storm to pass. You should ensure that you have packed in a safe place and avoid the full blow storm as much as possible.

Storms are characterized by flying debris. Do not leave your vehicle when you see a debris approaching. Do not unfasten your seat belt either. The head must be maintained lower than the window with hands covering the head.

Knoxville raceway provides relevant information on regular basis. It is comprehensively reliable and must be treated with utmost seriousness. This information is broadcast through the public address systems mounted strategically throughout the area. You also will obtain similar information on social media platforms like their official facebook and twitter accounts.

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