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Different Features Of The Ibera Cycling Phone Case You Should Know About

By Young Lindsay

Cases designed for smart phones come in all shapes and sizes. Many of them are focused more on making today's communication devices look cooler rather than completely safeguarded from harm. A person who is into riding a bike for fitness, sports or simply for fun may want to take advantage of all the benefits provided by the Ibera cycling phone case that is designed exclusively for him or her.

It comes with an assortment of features, all of which geared towards prolonging the natural lifespan of your cellular phone especially while being used outdoors. There are many things that can damage your device. Some of them include mud, rain and your very own sweat. You also have to protect it from strong impact that can jar the internals, dent the body and smash the touchscreen.

Using the Ibera casing is perfect for an active person like you. As a cyclist, you certainly want to have easy access to your device while riding a bicycle. It's important to have it right in front of you constantly especially when relying on the GPS feature in order to avoid getting lost. The same is true if you're using an app meant to measure your covered distance, speed and amount of burned calories.

A transparent window out of polyurethane allows the cyclist to check out and access the display panel of his or her device. This vital casing part is excellent at shielding the touchscreen from rain and sweat. Even though clear polyurethane can offer superb protection, it still allows the mobile communication tool owner to utilize the touchscreen interface without any sensitivity or responsiveness issue.

When attached to the bicycle's handlebar, the phone in the casing may be pivoted without worries. It is by having the viewing angle adjusted that the cyclist can easily access or take a glimpse of the screen especially while riding. The case's pivoting feature allows the cyclist to position the mobile device accordingly so that glare may be kept at bay, saving him or her from any distraction.

The ability of this superb casing to be pivoted when attached to the handlebar also permits the cyclist to utilize the device in portrait or landscape mode. Basically, the position greatly depends on the preference of a cyclist as well as the running app. Regardless of the reason, being able to turn the mounted device without worries helps facilitate usage while the person is on the go.

Nylon is the material of choice for the rest of the casing. It's no secret that cellular phones are at their most vulnerable when being used outdoors. A cyclist's trusted communication device is constantly in peril because it can come into contact with rain, mud and sweat. The nylon body helps shield the device from all of these things. The fact that it is also padded helps reduce strong impact.

Choosing a handheld communication tool that has an integrated camera makes it obvious that you like to take digital photos. You'll be happy to know that the casing comes with a camera window that allows you to take a snapshot each time you encounter an awe-inspiring scene along the way. With this feature, you don't have to take the phone out of its casing each and every time.

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