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Select Machu Picchu And Galapagos Tours

By Young Lindsay

It can be quite a challenge to decide where to spend a vacation when there are so many great options available. Having to choose between such classic greats such as amusement parks, historical sites, great national monuments, beautiful slopes covered with perfect snow for skiing, or beaches that stretch for miles may seem like a near impossibility. For a bit of variety in two incredible destinations, consider Machu Picchu and Galapagos tours.

These two locations are incredibly unique in their styling, filled with history and brimming with marvels. Travel agencies often feature packages that provide trips to both destinations including the amenities for the duration. Anyone taking this type of jaunt is sure to be awed and amazed and to make many wonderful memories.

Each of these locations share an incredible beauty, though they are as different as could be. One is a testament to the organization, innovation and architectural genius of a civilization long gone. The next is like stepping through a veil and entering a land that exists apart from the rest of the world, hosting a menagerie of unique wildlife, amazing landscapes and a multitude of natural treasures.

The ancient ruins of a fifteenth century Inca civilization is the first location and prior to 1911, it was unknown to anyone other than the indigenous people of the land. The city lies on a hilltop of the Andean Mountains which overlooks the beautiful Urabamba Valley in Peru's Cusco Region. Several historical societies meticulously protect this site and maintain it in as pristine condition as possible.

As a wonderful testament to the innovative spirit of the Inca people, the site demonstrates the traditional style of the civilization as well as their knowledge of how to utilize the terrain to their advantage. At the hill's crest sits the temple and other religious buildings, and the residential zone sits just below. Aqueducts transport water to the fields in the lowest areas, letting the natural downward angle of the land.

The other location is an Archipelago with its very own unique environment and an unlikely mix of wildlife that seem perfectly suited to the strangeness of their home. The nineteen island grouping and all the surrounding islets, are constructed primarily of volcanic rock and sit in the Pacific Ocean, on the equator, adjacent to the coast of Peru. The climate is an odd mix between tropical and polar, creating an environment like no other.

At this site, visitors will behold incredible sites like impossible rock towers, majestic volcanoes, centuries old lava flows creating unique coastlines, remotely accessed mangroves, inland lagoons and amazing cliffs, just to name a few. Many individuals enjoy the caves and old pirate hiding spots as well as the coral reefs and craters, submerged and teaming with marine life, perfect for scuba diving. The giant tortoises named for the islands, are just a fraction of this unique wildlife mix that includes penguins, boobies, marine iguanas, fur seals, sea turtles, whales and so much more.

The potential for a lifetime of treasured memories is abundant in a vacation with two such marvelous destinations. Both give visitors a bevy of beautiful sites, great allure and charm as well as a look back in history, but they still manage to be completely unique from one another It is a creative combination that will provide much enjoyment.

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