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Learning From West Chester Swimming Lessons

By Jocelyn Davidson

Swimming is one of the most important things for anyone to learn because no one will ever know when he will have to survive in water. Basically, west chester swimming lessons are broken into three levels namely in the beginner level, the advanced level, and the competitive level. Just to know what they are all about, here are some bits of information.

When one starts out in the first level, the first thing that he would learn is floating. In order to float, he will have to learn the fundamentals of breathing so that he can fill his lungs up with air. By knowing the proper way of breathing on water, he will definitely be able to float.

Upon learning how to float, one will now have to learn certain movements so that he will be able to move when in the pool. The most basic move that he would learn is the kick wherein he will kick the water starting with his right foot then his left and just continue. After perfecting this kick, he would add some arm movements as well to create the freestyle stroke.

Once he has already perfected this basic move, he would then be taught how to do the dog paddle and frog kicking moves. Now if one is thinking about learning how to survive in water, then these are the moves that he should really learn. They are moves that allow him to swim and keep his head out of the water.

Once he has learned all of those moves, he can now go on to the advanced levels. The easiest move to learn in the advanced level is the backstroke which is quite like the freestyle but one will now be lying on his back instead of his front. This move is a very relaxing one since he is lying on his back. This means that when he gets tired, he can do this stroke and relax for a bit.

The second stroke that he will then be learning is the breast stroke. Now one may probably be familiar with this stroke because it is actually one of the most popular to do. To do this, one has to spread his arms to the side then move his upper body up while doing frog kicks with the legs.

The last move that he would be learning is the butterfly stroke. This is arguably the hardest move to do because it requires strong upper body movement as he will be pushing his body up and spreading his arms. At the same time, he will be doing a dolphin kick which is a kick where both his feet will hit the pool at the same time.

After he has learned all the moves of the beginner level and the advanced level, then he will go on to the competitive level. It is here where he will be refining and perfecting all the moves that he had learned before and he will be trying to increase his stamina by doing laps in the pool. The coaches will also be teaching him some more techniques that will help him be able to improve his form.

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