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The Adventure Of A Lifetime Awaits With Mount Kilimanjaro Tours

By Dominique Martin

There is an experience of a lifetime literally takes tourism to a new level. Mount Kilimanjaro tours are not for the faint of heart. In the seven to ten days it takes to make the trek, climbers will actually experience five climate zones before making it to the top.

The mountain is famous for being the highest peak in Africa. The native people of this area are the Chagga. Thanks in part to their early acceptance of missionaries, most Chagga people are Christian by faith. However, their original faith was steeped in superstition and mythology. It is notable that one of their mythical stories is similar the biblical tale of Adam and Eve, only the forbidden fruit was a sweet potato.

There is a wide breadth of ages that attempt the climb. Historically, the youngest adventurer was boy, only ten years old. On the other end of the spectrum, an eighty four year old man has the distinction of being the oldest person to reach the top. This is proof that the trek can be suitable for all ages.

It is wise to do your research to carefully select the tour guide you want to accompany you up and down the mountain. There are multiple websites that offer planning tips and suggest research materials. Check to see how long the company has been in business and the average success rates of their climbs. The best case scenario may be to use a guide based on the recommendations of former climbers.

Planning for your trip is key to your success. Make a checklist of the things you will need, such as passport, travelers checks, hiking gear and high altitude gear. The right footwear is essential. The last thing your feet will need is to break in a new pair of shoes. The ability to layer light weight clothing is also a necessity.

Start healthy and stay healthy. A very common occurrence is acute mountain sickness. This can usually be prevented by pacing yourself and realizing the potential effects of the high altitude. Familiarize yourself with the symptoms so you can react quickly. It may seem odd, but simply getting to a lower altitude is the best remedy.

With sudden falls in temperature, hypothermia is also a health risk. Invest in the best clothing possible. This is not a place to cut corners. The exposure to the sun as these altitudes poses certain issues that climbers should appreciate. The effects of ultraviolet light are much more intense than a day at the beach. An excellent pair of sunglasses is essential to prevent snow blindness and simply to protect your eyes.

This mountainous adventure can be the trip of a lifetime. The thrill of reaching the top with you fellow climbers will be like nothing you have experienced in the past. There is a spiritual quality about being so close to the heavens. When you finally make your way down the mountain, you just might be ready for a Serengeti safari.

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