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Machu Picchu Iguazu Falls Tours

By Dominique Martin

If you enjoy traveling around the world and gathering new and exciting experiences, South America could be your next destination. Well-organized Machu Picchu Iguazu Falls tours are designed for people equally interested in natural and cultural beauties. This might be a great adventure, and you will certainly have the opportunity to see amazing things and to have a really good time.

Iguazu falls are simply spectacular. Eighty meters high and three kilometers wide series of amazing cascades, placed side by side in one long, semicircular form is absolutely stunning view. You could most certainly say that these lovely waterfalls are among the most amazing ones in the world.

The Fall is formed by Iguazu River, spanning the border between Brazil and Argentina. On he south, there are National reserves and the National park of Argentina, and the north side belongs to Brazil. The river forms a natural boundary between these two protected areas. Here live jaguars, anteaters and howler monkeys, together with other interesting animals and over three hundred bird species.

The entire area is so beautiful that both countries decided to protect it. Loud and enormous, the waterfall is surrounded with lush vegetation, and all together looks like one loud and exciting garden of Eden. You wouldn't want to miss this extraordinary sight.

Another top destination included in this tour is widely known Machu Picchu. This extraordinary example of Inca's architecture was built in fifteenth century, when Pachacuti was the emperor. People lived there for maybe one hundred years. Spanish Conquistadors were never here, and thanks to that, the city was preserved as it was. The sacred rocks are still preserved.

Over the centuries, the city was forgotten and surrounded jungle grew over the site. In 1911, it was finally discovered by Hiram Bingham, an American historian lecturing at Yale University. Hiram wrote numerous books about this forgotten city and the most famous one is the one called The Lost City Of The Incas.

Peruvian Government understood the value of this area and declared it as historical sanctuary. The site is included in UNESCO's World Heritage List. This is still really intriguing civilization and this beautiful example of their architecture will make your juices flow. Although some parts had to be reconstructed, the city is preserved in original state.

It is still quite unknown why it was build in this particular spot and with what purpose. There are so many theories about that. In early days, it was thought that it could be the Lost City.Espiritu Pampa, the real Lost City was found maybe eighty kilometers from Peru's capital, of course, but other theories can still be heard. Some believe it was built as a royal retreat, and some that this all landscape is sacred.

Umamba River surrounds it on three sides. There is a secret entrance there, once used by their soldiers. They made a rope bridge across the river, and this is an example or Inca's architecture. Coming here is a real treat. The buildings are extraordinary, the view is stunning and surrounding nature is breath-taking. If you enjoy architectural sights, this is a place for you.

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