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How To Learn To Play Golf Can Be A Challenge

By Patty Goff

Golf is a very popular sport that many enjoy as a favorite past time. Some find it as a method of creating tranquility and release from a day filled with the stress and pressures of life. It has become a type of sanctuary to those that love the sport. However, everyone isn't as skilled when it comes to playing. Many are actually intimidated with all the terms, lingo, and skill associated with it. How to learn to play golf is a quest for the golf-lover at heart.

It is of utmost importance first of all to know the objective of the game. It is simply putting a little ball in holes across a huge course. This must all be done in an orderly fashion. One can either play a nine-hole game, or one that is an 18-hole. The last player that lands their ball in the final hole is the one that ends the game. However, it isn't until the results are tallied that the winner is chosen.

Any player that wants to know the ins and outs of this sport must definitely learn how to keep score. First of all, with this sport, don't seek to have a high number of points. The player that has less points usually wins. Every time a player swings and hits the ball, they earn a point. The key is to get the ball into the hole with as few strokes as possible.

Each hole has a particular number assignment known as "par." Players are said to be "on par" when those point values have been met. Terms such as hole-in-one, birdie, and bogey are important for the soon to be golf pro to know as well.

It's also wise to know the course, which usually consists of five parts. One of them is the tee box, where players first start off. Next is the fairway which is often located in the middle of the green and tee box. Putting greens are holes in which each fairway is located. Whereas the rough is the less-groomed area, and hazards are places that players don't want their balls to end up in such as sand and water.

New players are encouraged to learn the difference in club usage. Clubs types fall into the category of putter, iron, and wood. Certain physical properties and advantages are often associated with the club chosen.

Standing properly often takes practice. There is power in knowing how to stand and where to stand. How a player swings can determine how far the ball will soar. The game begins when every player hits the ball out of the tee box. It is hoped that it lands on the fairway or green. Every player gets a chance to get their balls in the hole by following the starting order.

Even though golfing is a popular sport, it can also be considered to be dangerous. Balls are known to fly and cause a potential hazard for its players. It is recommended that players stand away from the fairway when others are taking swings. A golf round can take anywhere from two to six hours.

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